Binding Review: 12-13 Flux DMCC

15 Aug, 2012

Location: Mission Ridge, WA

Snow Conditions: Hardpacked to softpacked groomers.

Setup: I rode the Flux DMCC Bindings on the Ride Buckwild with my Vans Ferra Boots size 8.

Time to set up the binding: Average time to set up the bindings. I ended up using them on the Ride Buckwild and Lobster Freestyle Baord so it was an easy switch to set up both bindings.

Fit: I’m not sure what size DMCC bindings I rode, either the small or mediums for my size 8 women’s boots but the fit was good. It wasn’t too large or too small.

First Impression: Good powering and response through the binding. Definitely the stiffest Flux binding I’ve ridden to date.

Appearance: I tried the Flux DMCC bindings in the deep purple colorway. Don’t let the name deceive you though, the binding is mostly black with some deep purple on the highback. Overall very sleek in the design elements to match the riding style.

Comfort: Keeping in synch with the Flux tradition, the DMCC bindings followed through on overall comfort. Good shock absorption on the footbed and great padding on the ankle strap make for a good combination for the mountain.

Functionality: The Flux DMCC bindings come with the alpha base, super carbon blend 25 and hybrid footbed. On the highback is the ultima freeride high back, super tough nylon plus, ultima FR hybrid cushion and minimum forward lean adjustor. The straps are absolute fit strap freeride shape, L-guide system, UU fit and FTM monocoque. The bindings also feature alpha ratchet buckles, titanian screws, custom stabilizer and toe and heel cushion slide. The DMCC bindings are light (but not as light as the light version) and all-around designed for powerful response for freeriding the mountain.

Flex: Thanks to the stiffer carbon and nylon blend in the ultima freeride highback and the rugged alpha base, the DMCC is a powerful binding. Once you add in the straps, materials and cushioning, it creates power without softening the blow. It’s a good stiffer responsive binding. Most of the stiffer flex is in the highback to baseplate.

Response: Overall a highly responsive binding. I got to play with the response on two boards, the more charging Buckwild and the more freestyle Lobster Baord. On the Buckwild, the DMCC’s matched and exceeded the response for both setup’s and on the Freestyle baord, they were the only response for the mountain. They can hold their own but definitely keep you on your toes with the stiffer flex, all-around maneuverability.

Toe Strap: The DMCC bindings feature the FTM monocoque toe strap. I used the toe strap earlier in the demos with the women’s GM30 binding and they were the same supportive strap on the DMCC. I rocked it cap strap style, which helped deliver comfort and response on the mountain.

Overall Impression: The Flux DMCC is built for mountain destruction with a high level of response combined with lightweight technology. Definitely meant for a more freeride specific rider wanting to rip the mountain one turn at a time.

Shay’s Honesty Box: Normally during demo days I don’t keep bindings on for multiple boards but with the DMCC bindings I kept them on for two boards and got a good mix of riding in with them. With the impressive Ride Buckwild, the bindings added to the board response. With the Lobster Freestyle Baord, the bindings were the response and the board wasn’t enough. It was a good test of response to board ratio. Overall the bindings offer good precision riding and can add to the board underneath but they can also do all the work if you need them to, too!

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On Snow Photos

Flux DMCC Description

Review Disclosure: I demoed this binding at the WWSRA On-Snow at Mission Ridge, WA.

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