NOW Binding Giveaway Completed in Vancouver, BC!

30 Aug, 2012

After spending so many days in Canada this summer, it was only a matter of time before I had to do the first international Twitter Scavenger Hunt for Yesterday was the 6th twitter giveaway from and it took place in the metro Vancouver area. I started posting clues at 12pm on twitter that would help people find my location. Whoever found me first got the 12-13 NOW Bindings that aren’t even out in stores yet!

A huge thanks to NOW Bindings for giving me the 12-13 IPO Bindings to giveaway!

For this twitter giveaway, the location was decided before the contest and the clues were thought up an hour before the contest began. I had my friend Moselle come along for the experience, to use her Vancouver knowledge and help out with the giveaway.

I started tweeting out clues at 12pm (PST) in hopes that people could use lunchtime to find me on the scavenger hunt. This giveaway went quicker than usual since I had to be back across the border by a certain time.

1.  You can find me south and west of hwy 1 in the metro Vancouver area.

2. hmmm downtown, gas town, yaletown, coal harbour or west end? Where am I?

3. I’m near a wall for cycling, jogging or walking with views of the sea.

4. I’m really close to this momento from 2010. Less than 500 steps!

5. Last Clue! You can find me at the Green Harbour Park staring at seaplanes in Vancouver BC

Usually with a board it’s easy to be found but with a box of bindings, it was easier to blend into the surroundings in Vancouver. During the entire time, I was within the area of the final clue. By clue 2-3, we were enjoying lunch and hanging out. By the last clue, Scott was on the lookout and found us quickly! A high five and a good convo, I already knew Scott from Eagle Pass Heliskiing! He was stoked to get the bindings.

A huge congrats to Scott for winning the bindings and competing in the hunt!

Thanks to everyone who participated and tried to find me! It was a great day to be outside and stoked to share a giveaway with you guys in Vancouver! Thanks to NOW for allowing me to giveaway the bindings!

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