Whistler Bike Park & Women’s Bike Clinic 8/27/12

27 Aug, 2012

I might have missed Crankworx but I didn’t wanna miss out on getting more laps in the Whistler Bike Park and experiencing one more women’s clinic night. Since I had been traveling through Vancouver so many times this summer, it was the perfect opportunity to come ride Bike Park and do a Vancouver twitter scavenger hunt on Wednesday.

Since today would be a full evening of bike park with the women’s clinic, Carrie and I had a late start to the day. By the time we arrived, the lines were reasonable and we quickly made our way up the mountain. Since Carrie was coming back to her bike from an injury, today was a confidence boosting kind of day.

Carrie and myself

Carrie coming out of the Duffman trail rocks

At 5:30pm it was time to meet up for the women’s bike clinic. This was my second time taking advantage of the $20 clinic. I liked being able to try trails and work on skills with other women. Today we wanted to head up to Garbanzo to ride the intermediate blue trail Blue Velvet for the clinic. A couple girls had already ridden it but a couple of us hasn’t or hadn’t in a while.

The view from Garbanzo lift

Still lots of snow around the peaks. Wish I could have gone up to Top of the World but definitely want to save that trail when my riding, bike and friends are able to do it.

Tim was the coach for our group of girls. Throughout the ride down the trail, he stopped us at safe points to discuss the trail below and any technical/harder features on the ride down. It was a good lesson and he made sure we all could do it.

One of the rock features was rad to look at from above. It would be fun to come back and try the drop but today I just rode around it. First time on the run so I just wanna get comfortable on the trail before trying the gnarlier stuff.

I was able to try a couple new features to get down the trail. The wallride to bridge was fun and helped get me more comfortable on the bridges. At the very end, there was one drop that you could roll over or air off of. I ended up doing it and rode it out stoked on trying something new.

After riding down Blue Velvet, we lapped Crank it Up to Heart of Darkness for some jump to berm runs. Compared to the first time I rode Crank it Up, this time felt a lot smoother and easier than before. It’s good to see the progression on runs from earlier this summer to now.

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