Shay’s take on the 2013 Good Wood

20 Sep, 2012

When it goes to magazine reviews, the Good Wood test is the most popular and longest running snowboard test. The Good Wood Test was designed to give the best performing park and all-mountain boards the chance to standout among the rest of the boards.

For 2013, boards are split between men and women, over and under $450 in all mountain and park categories. TWS made a point of explaining the testing, how a board is scored and who the testers are. I’ve ridden over ten of the boards that made the list for this year. Standout boards for men’s all-mountain were the Capita BSOD, Lib T.Rice, TRS and Greats. For men’s park, the Salomonder and Ultrafear were favorites when I rode them in years past. For the women’s results, I completely agree with all of the all-mountain boards and can see how the other boards won for park.

The best way to interpret this list is see what works for you and try it for yourself…your own personal test matters more than anything else.

Top Ten Men’s Boards Under $449
Burton Super Hero (park)
Burton Parkitect (park)
Salomon Sabotage (park)
Capita Ultrafear FK (park)
Capita Defenders of Awesome (park)
K2 Raygun (all-mountain)
Nitro T1.5 (all-mountain)
Ride Crush (all-mountain)
Salomon Salomonder (park)
Yes Jackpot (park)

Top Ten Men’s Boards Over $450
Capita Black Snowboard of Death (all-mountain)
GNU Impossible A.S.S Pickle (all-mountain)
K2 Happy Hour (park)
Lib T.Rice Horsepower Pro (all-mountain)
Lib TRS (all-mountain)
Nitro Rook (all-mountain)
Salomon Man’s Board (all-mountain)
Salomon Villain (park)
Slash ATV (all-mountain)
YES the Greats (all-mountain)

Top Ten Womens Boards Under $449
GNU Velvet Guru (all-mountain)
Salomon Oh Yeah (park)
Rome Lo-Fi Rocker (park)
Roxy Ally (all-mountain)
Burton Lipstick (park)

Top Ten Womens Boards Over $450
Roxy Eminence (all-mountain)
Forum Spinster (park)
Rome Gold (all-mountain)
Lib TRS Narrows (all-mountain)
GNU B-Pro (all-mountain)

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What do you think about this test and the list for 2013?

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