TGR & Jeremy Jones “Further” in Aspen

29 Sep, 2012

For the last two days, I’ve been holed up in a little town called Aspen for The Meeting 8. It’s where the beer flows like wine, where tons of ski and snowboard films are shown and where many from the skiing and snowboarding industry gather to discuss ideas/conversations and good times. This was my second time attending the Meeting and I’m glad to be here on behalf of Keystone Resort.

Last night was the showing of Jeremy Jones “Further” film which was my most anticipated film of the showings. I had missed the Seattle premiere so I was counting down till it arrived in Colorado. Jeremy Jones was also attending the Meeting with his wife and a frequent face during the conference. He arrived at the beginning of the film to introduce it to the crowd in Aspen.

The locations of Further really go deeper into places that are remote with endess possibilities. They start in Japan with a bomber crew of Jeremy, Forrest and Dirksen. Weather holds, tough climbs and sluff slides really put you on the edge of your seat. I’m glad that even a tough run, Forrest got back out.

But at the same time, I don’t know about anyone else but watching Dirksen’s style of riding on the big screen just calms me and awes me of how poetic it is. He makes snowboarding look good.

I’d have to say that for me, a woman, the best part of watching this film was seeing Bibi Pekarek snowboard the same faces that Jeremy and company were doing. I haven’t seen a woman take to the mountains like that since Victoria Jealouse and now there is a leading lady throwing down with the boys again. It was incredible but also eye opening in that section. Regardless, I never heard of her name before today and now I’ll never forget it.

When Jeremy, Terje and crew go deep into the Arctic Circle, it’s pretty mind boggling on the logistics to the peaks. This section was very heavy in the Further Unplugged section with a lot of downtime, fun time and practical jokes that you don’t see in the film but it’ll be in the bonus section later on. The climbing and riding with Terje is worth it.

At the end of the film they return to Alaska to go even further remotely into the mountains. A month is the described time with a plane drop-off. This time Ryland and Lucas are part of the action. It’s amazing to see how much their riding as grown since the past film.

The end of the film is the reminder of the life outside of snowboarding and the people who wait for Jeremy to come back from this excursions. Throughout the film are quotes regarding the terrain, trips and setting the tone for the film. Every rider was amazing to watch. Jeremy really picks the team of people he trusts and has a good time riding with (they all happen to be amazing mountain riders). If you have any doubts about this film, don’t. It takes the concept of Deeper, Further, Higher and really delivers the second film that goes Further.

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  1. October 28, 2012

    So pumped to see this!