Voleurz “Kill Your Boredom” in Aspen

30 Sep, 2012

The Meeting 8 has been going on in Aspen over the past couple days and on Saturday, Voleurz kicked off the films at the Wheeler Opera House. It was hard to leave the Limelight pool patio but we managed to get inside just in time to watch the beginning of “Kill your Boredom.” I’ve known of Voleurz for a couple years now. They have really rad clothing and they do an amazing job of filming the Whistler scene and mountains.

The opening is unlike any other ski/snowboard film I have ever seen. Voleurz did a full on battle scene between skiers and snowboarders that reminds you of the gore of Quentin Tarantino. To really add in the applause from a male audience, they end the battle on a high note.

The film consists of skiers and snowboarders in everything from resort park to urban jibs, backcountry booters to natural powder. BC just had an amazing year and the powder riding definitely shows in this film. I was really amped on a lot of the riders, they were new names to me but the riding kept me entertained and the creativity behind the film showed throughout.

Kill Your Boredom features: Geoff Brown, Rob Heule, KC Deane, Braden Dean, Simon d’Artois, Jesmond Dubeau, Joe Schuster, Mack Jones, Justin VDP, Shayne Zwickel, Jesse Millen, Warren Williams, Andrew Jackson & more

After Voleurz, got into the Poor Boyz ski film and then hit the road to head back to Summit County. It was a good time and stoked to see a couple films in the process.

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