Goggle Review: Arnette Series 3

31 Oct, 2012

Intended Purpose: The Series 3 goggles deliver vision, comfort and goggle technology that makes your mountain experience better.

Location: I wore these goggles at Stevens Pass, WA and Mt Bachelor during Superpark.

Conditions: Mix of sunny bluebird days to overcast cloudy days on the mountain.

Color: I received the Series 3 goggles in the powder blue colorway which are definitely powder blue but with the lens, they don’t feel like a color meant for babies.

Lens: The lens I believe is the mercury chrome lens which does a good job of blocking out the light and keeping your eyes hidden on the mountain. As you can see in the pic below, it’s kind of warped in the reflection someone else sees but when I looked out, it was fine and not warped on vision. Definitely handled on the sunny days versus the overcast days.

Fit: Arnette’s definitely offer a good fit to the face when it comes to perks. I liked how the triple layer foam really secured the gaps around the nose and eliminated any breeze when riding.

Helmet Compatibility: The goggles worked just fine with my Smith and Bern helmets, didn’t encounter any bad gaps or fit issues between them. During the warmer months, I switched to beanies for riding so spent a lot less time rocking them in helmets.

Visibility: I rode these goggles on some powder days and busier park laps at Superpark where keeping an eye on your surroundings (and pros mocking by) was key. They offered good visibility, decent peripheral and didn’t encounter fogging with them.

Features: The Arnette  Series 3 goggle features articulating strap attachments and optimized fit to ensure helmet compatibility. The goggles are built to meet style and performance needs with a dual vented lexan lens with 100% UVA/UVB/UVC and harmful blue light protection, tuned light transmission of chrome lens coating, F2 anti fog technology, triple layer foam with moisture-wicking polar fleece, hinged strap attachments for supreme helmet compatibility  and hinged strap attachments to fit helmets. Adjustable silicone-ribbed strap, optimized for medium to large faces.

Durability: These goggles traveled quite a bit last winter and are still in good shape. They didn’t encounter any bad scratches or damaging effects that would have kept them from being rideable. Quite happy with the goggles after the season.

Thoughts: It’s good to see Arnette back and delivering a couple models that work without going overboard. Between the Mercenary and Series 3, there are two goggles that offer different frame styles and colors. The tech pieces are still in place and the comfort is very much there. I liked both models equally. The triple layer polar fleece foam is my favorite feature because the goggles are super comfortable on the face but fit very well around my nose.

On-snow photos

Arnette Snow 3 Series Description

Review Disclosure: I received this goggle from Arnette to test and review.

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