Shay’s Take on the 2013 Platinum Picks

22 Oct, 2012

Each year the snowboard magazines decide their top snowboard choices by designing boards tests built around various methodologies. Snowboard Magazine has their Platinum Pick describes as the “best of the best. Here you find out our choices for best jib boards, best powder boards and just plain best things…”

The test is ultimately “not a product test, rather a look around the industry to see who is pushing design, materials, fashion and technology.” In fact they completely reach out and discuss product tests saying that it’s up to you, the rider, to determine if a board works for you…not some product test. So the platinum picks are really just top choices to consider for the upcoming year. I do wish  for the sake of women’s snowboarding, that in the future there will be women’s models included.

Of the 11 winning boards, I’ve only ridden five of the boards (some in previous years). The list is a mix of popular boards like the Machete, Cobra, Jamie Lynn Phoenix but also some new choices to consider like the Sims and Endeavor. The list also seems very focused on boards that aren’t just park or powder but a good all-mountain/freestyle collection mix.

Snowboard Magazine’s Platinum Pick Winners (in order of appearance)

Burton Harvest

Endeavor BOD

GNU Impossible A.S.S Pickle

K2 Ultra Dream

Lib Tech Phoenix Series Jamie Lynn C3

Nitro Ultimate

Never Summer Cobra

Ride Machete GT

Salomon Villain

Sims X-Wedge

YES the Greats


What are your thoughts on the list?

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  1. October 22, 2012

    Great analysis…

  2. October 24, 2012

    Great write up on what the Platinum Picks truly mean and what we are trying to convey to the reader about them. I guess they aren’t necessarily the best of the best, but rather the best of what’s new to the industry in terms of design, technology and fashion.

    Now get out and ride!


  3. October 25, 2012

    A.S.S. Pickle FTW!!