Snowboard Review: 12-13 Endeavor Guerilla

03 Oct, 2012

Location: White Pass and Stevens Pass, WA

Snow Conditions: Mostly softpacked slushy groomer laps in the spring.

Setup: I rode the Endeavor Guerilla with Union Atlas Team bindings and Flow Luxe Coiler boots size 8.

Size: 155cm

First Impression: The Guerilla offers more all-mountain freestyle packed with multi-camber

Weight: average.

Flex: All-around on the medium flex of the scale. The Guerilla was ideal for all-mountain everything. Tad softer torsional for quick engagement and response, longitudinally medium of the range. It was consistent all around in the handling. The Guerilla has a traditional camber between the bindings for pop and a 3mm rise of reverse camber out to the contact points for fun, float in snow and hook free ride.

Turning: Easy initiation into turns with the lift contact points. Once into the turn, you had the consistency to arc through the turn. Pretty easy board to ride, definitely more all-mountain handling.

Stable: The spring slush conditions meant harder packed in the morning and really really soft slush in the afternoon. Most of the days were in the softer slush conditions where the board didn’t hook into the softer snow. A tad loose feeling on the speed hauling runs.

Pop: The multi-cambered feel gave it some classic pop to the riding. I ended up taking this board through some side trails at White Pass that you could just ollie out of (hopefully not hitting anyone) and fly down the run. It had decent pop and great handling on the landings.

Switch: The Guerilla is a twin and rides like it on the mountain. It made for an easy maneuverable board and a board you could ride switch.

Overall Impression: The multi camber Guerilla combines traditional camber and reverse camber for a great combination of stability and playfulness. It’s a freestyle board built for an easy fun ride on the mountain.

Shay’s Honesty Box: The Guerilla was a fun playful park board for the spring conditions. I noticed the extruded base really dried out in the spring conditions and was a bit slower if I didn’t keep it tuned up as well. Other than that, this board was great for all-mountain. When the Rhythm and Bruise ended at White Pass, I took the board down the course and had a blast just cruising around with it.

On Snow Photo

Endeavor Guerilla Description

Review Disclosure: Endeavor gave me this board to test and review.

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