Back to the Grind Rail Jam 11-3-12

04 Nov, 2012

Almost two months ago, I arrived in Colorado just in time to watch the first Rail Jam of the season and for Opening Weekend I got to help out at the second rail jam of the season. Last time I was meeting future co-workers and this time I was helping them out. I loaded up the camera and headed out to watch the action and share it on social media for Keystone.

The setup was a flat down box on the far left, double kink rail in the center and a down rail on the right. It was right in the base area so anyone could watch and check it out. Red Bull brought in a massive truck DJ with to keep the audience happy. I shot this photo earlier in the day before any riders had hit it.

The rail jam began just after 4pm (when the lifts shut down for the day) and went on through a couple rounds of men’s and women’s skiers and snowboarders. I recognized a bunch of our Keystone team riders, local riders and plenty of new faces.  I enjoyed just hanging out, got a bunch of shots for Keystone’s social media and then enjoyed watching the riding before heading back into work. Definitely a good way to end a Saturday.

Here’s a video of the action

River Run Rail Jam [Back To The Grind] from Keystone Resort on Vimeo.

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