Enter to Win Jeremy Jones “Further”

06 Nov, 2012

One of my favorite films this year is most definitely Teton Gravity Research + Jeremy Jones “Further.” It’s very clear how devoted and dedicated Jeremy Jones and his crew are to snowboarding and venturing into the unknown. They live their lives to truly bring snowboarding to the next level and it shows in the Deeper, Further, Higher films. Deeper set the example, Further steps beyond it and we can only dream of where Higher will take them.

Since I love this film, I want others to enjoy it as well. So here’s your chance to get win a download code so you can own a copy of Further online. Just follow the directions below and you’ll be entered to win.

Steps to win:

1. Make sure to leave a comment (with your correct email address) and tell me why you deserve an online copy of Further.

2. You have till Saturday, November 10 at midnight to enter.

3. All the answer comments will be written down and a winner will be randomly drawn from a bowl or kitchen pot ( you know like the lottery).

4. A winner will be announced in this blog post on Sunday, November 11.

Thanks to Teton Gravity Research for the giveaway!

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  1. November 06, 2012

    What up Shay!! I need this because it’s hard to get the Winter stoke going when you live in Texas! And JJ will for sure get me amped on my December trip to Snowbird Utah!! Stp820crew750@yahoo.com

  2. November 06, 2012

    Winter rrules

  3. Nia
    November 06, 2012

    everyone loves free shred movies

  4. November 06, 2012

    Why I or anyone else who comments on this “deserves” to win a free copy of Further? Hmmm…, well let’s see here, we don’t, really, but if you need at least one person to answer this just for the sake of being able to give it away & somebody winning it, then it could be me…, here it is, I “taught him everything he knows”! ; ) lol
    Okay, joking aside, I wouldn’t mind being a videographer for something like this in the future & of course you can “study” videography somewhat by just watching videos & watching them for more than just what you see, but taking into consideration the vantage points used, the lighting, what all it took to get there, the settings for aperture & lens speeds, so on & so forth, not to mention the editing of course, both visual & sound, the intermeshing of both & just the overall scheme used. And of course you can’t help but just get super stoked just by watching it for what it is, I mean let’s face it, there are FACES on there, that probably not a single one of us, who comment on this, may actually try, & that’s probably just the truth. Anyway, airbags save lives people, later, peace!

  5. November 06, 2012

    I would LOVE to win a copy of Further, because it’s on my list of must see snow movies this winter!

  6. Ty
    November 06, 2012

    So excited to see this! I was very inspired by Deeper. I’d say I deserve the film because I love to snowboard. and my jones snowboard. and I’m not rich.

  7. November 06, 2012

    ohhh well why should i win? mmmm so i guess just for the sake i’m in israel and so that mind as well be the only snow i’m gonna get this season!! grrrr (how was i ? pretty convincing huh?) 🙂

  8. November 06, 2012

    Ohh yeah because Im stuck in the PNG jungle working and couldnt be further away from snow right now and the best thing would to be able sit down and watch JJ go at..that would cure my jungle blues for sure..great work keep it up. TV

  9. November 07, 2012

    I got to go to the world premiere at Squaw, but between beers, bowls, and sitting on the base of KT-22 to watch let’s just say it was, well, hazy. If I win a copy I can donate what I would have spent on a copy to Protect Our Winters!

  10. November 07, 2012

    Looks like a fantastic video! I “deserve” this because I live in the MIdwest, where the closest thing I can see in my yard that resembles mountains are my neighbor’s boobs….and she is older than 60 🙁

  11. November 08, 2012

    I would love to get a copy of this film, and it’s unlikely any local retailers will have one – that’s my justifcation!

  12. November 09, 2012

    I would love a copy. It would get the family stoked to board. only 2 weeks away.

  13. November 10, 2012

    I have always been a skier but in recent years I have started snowboarding a lot more. I would love to win for some amazing inspiration to get me out on my board.

  14. November 11, 2012

    Congrats to Ty! You are the winner of Further!