Keystone 11/26/12

26 Nov, 2012

Until the snow comes, it means laps in the sunshine on the groomers. It’s still good that the mountain is open, there’s snow and snowboarding still makes me happy. Today was my day off, perfect for getting back into the easy park for a couple laps in between the big park and groomers. Thanks to the skier for getting shots of me.

Myself on the first box

Right now the easy park is on Scout Trail with two flat boxes and a down box. All ride-on (they weren’t in the early season park) so a lot easier than before. Since it was a Monday, the easy park was practically empty and you could lap over and over and over without a line.

Myself on the longer flat box

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  1. November 26, 2012

    Who is this “the skier”? I’ve seen pics of him in the past, is he stalking you? Is he creepy? Does he wear a coat & pants that are XXL or bigger? Does he know how to dance to house/electronica music while skiing down the slopes enveloped by his mega headphones? Find out the answers to these questions & more in the next burning episode of…, Shayboarder’s Shadow! (insert screaming sound emitting from long, hollow tunnel)