Keystone 11/7/12

08 Nov, 2012

Early mornings on the mountain are worth it. Even if you go out to dinner the night before with the Transworld Snowboarding crew and don’t make it home till midnight. It’s still worth it. Even with groomers. I woke up early on Wednesday to head up to get some shots for social media. No complaints when the sun is shining, snow is on the ground and the groomers did an amazing corduroy grooming job on the mountain.

Shot of myself riding

First stop was the early season A51 park to get photos of every feature in the park right now. It was in perfect condition and park crew was making their round to prepare each jib.

Right as the gondola was loading up the first skiers and riders, it was time for me to head down to work. I strapped on my board and took out the camera for the first couple turns down Spring Dipper. That’s where I took the corduroy groomer shot that I posted on Keystone’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. I also took this shadow pic of me riding down the mountain.

Then I did something that made me extremely happy. I put the camera away. I knew I had the shot already and I wanted to enjoy the turns. And I did. It was soft groomers perfectly groomed and my board enjoying each turn.

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