Review: Frends The Clip Headphones

25 Nov, 2012

Intended Purpose: The Clip is Frends headphone offers a fun, creative take on snowboarding headphones. Designed with a mic and 3 sets of silicone tips they are customizable to fit your ears.

Sound: I’ve been using the headphones for snowboarding and at work and on phone calls. The sound is clear and I’m able to rock out to tunes in my office pretty comfortably.

Appearance: The Frends Clip headphones come in multiple designs. I went with the “I can’t hear you” version which are white with black text on them, one gear says “I can’t” and the other ear says “hear you” it’s pretty creative and fun for work headphones.

Ear Fit: The Frends Clips come with 3 sets of silicone tips to help customize the fit to your ears. I thought the design of the ear buds was interesting but it’s really secure in my ear and comfortable. I haven’t had the headphones fall out of my ear while riding and they do a good job of blocking out other sounds.

Features: The Frends Clips are for the person who wants to be different, but doesn’t need to shout it from the mountaintops.  Features multifunction mic with play/pause/next/previous/answer/end, iphone and blackberry compatible, includes 3 sets of silicone tips to customize fit, fabric cord to alleviate tangles, asymmetrical body construction, sound with a creative canvas. My favorite features is the creative design and fit of the ear buds to my ears while the sound quality is good for snowboarding, working and phone calls.

Durability: I’ve been using them more often in the work environment and on the mountain where they have done fine holding up. I’m glad the fit is good because I’ve misplaced the other tips already. Despite being white, they don’t show dirty very easily and have been holding up fine so far.

Thoughts: I love listening to music at work and on the mountain so having headphones that do the job is important. These ones are fun at the office because of the design of them. I can keep the sound loud and totally tune out my surroundings or keep it on the lower setting and enjoy shredding while still being able to hear the sounds of the mountain. I like the simple white design with the black font and fun “I can’t hear you” saying.

On-Snow (using the headphones)

Frends the Clip Description

Review Disclosure: This product was given to me from Frends.

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