Dew Tour Nike Snowboarding Streetstyle 12/14/12

16 Dec, 2012

It’s been a busy week in Colorado with the Dew Tour at Breckenridge but the perfect time to check out the action on the slopes and around town. This year Nike Snowboarding debuted a Streetstyle competition during the Dew Tour with urban inspired street features on Breckenridge’s Washington Street. The features were a van jib, wall ride, jersey barrier rail and dumpster feature (same style as TWS Shootout with Rome years back).

The rider list was short and sweet with a handful of names and many who wished they could compete.

Mason Aguirre

Banshee Bungee time for Dash Kemp

So he could gap the jersey barrier rail

Sam Hulbert

Nick Julius

Seth Hill with a sweet backflip out of the dumpster

Our Keystone A51 park crew helped build the setup so it was great to check out their hard work.

Gjermund Braaten

Nick Julius

Jamie Nicholls

Eric Beauchemin ended up taking home the big prize for the streetstyle rail jam. I missed out on seeing a lot of his hits and didn’t get any photos because dinner was calling a crew of us. But it was fun to watch the rest of the riders take to the streetstyle and check it out for a bit.


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