Keystone 12/9/12

10 Dec, 2012

Finally the snow came back to Colorado! I left work on Saturday when it was puking snow and knew that we’d be having a powder day on Sunday which meant early to bed, early to rise! I was in the office at 6am to get snow photos and on the gondola by 7:30 to head up top for more snow photos. The top photo is the calm before the storm.

Usually I take photos of other skiers and riders but I ended up becoming the snowboard model and got to make a couple powder turns of my own down Jackwacker (the only ungroomed run that morning). It was good, definitely good to be back floating on snow again.

Photo: Sarah Wieck

Lately I’ve been back on my Never Summer Lotus (which will be reviewed soon). It’s generally my board of choice for most mountain riding so it’s been good to test it back out on some new snow and a mix of groomers to easier park features.

I like to call myself the unisex snowboard model. I noticed it back in Mammoth but in pictures of me you can’t really tell if I’m a girl or a guy. Either way I like to snowboard!

Photo: Sarah Wieck

We made our laps, got our shots and then headed back up the gondola to try for some GoPro footage before heading back into work for the day. Even though it was my day off, a powder day is too important to miss on social and on the mountain.

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