Shred for Stevens

19 Feb, 2013

Last season, I was lost. I was about to move all my belongings into my truck and I needed to figure out where I would call home for the winter. I reached out to my friends at Stevens Pass and mentioned I was thinking of returning to the NW and wondered if Chris Rudolph the director of marketing would give me a pass if I moved back. He told me I was always welcome back and he’d take care of me. It was a huge relief to know that I had a home mountain.

On February 16, I finally I made my way to Stevens on a snowy midweek day to pick up my pass for the year from Chris. I made my way up to the marketing office and stood outside Chris’ office telling him all my big plans for the season. That I was so thankful to have the pass, that I was happy to be back, that I had just got on board with TGR to submit content for them and that I was gonna head to Snoqualmie that weekend for the first story on a contest. Chris was so stoked, he was excited I was gonna be with TGR and told me that conditions were great. As I rode the chairlift up, I saw that he liked my latest snowy instagram photo from the parking lot. That was Chris, he was so stoked for anyone to have a great time at Stevens. He shared the mountain with everyone and because of him, an amazing mountain was even more amazing.

Days later, I stood in the driveway just miles down the road from Tunnel Creek as the first sirens sounded in my small mountain town. I had skipped the best powder day of the season instead opting to stay home for no apparent reason. As the reports came in about an avalanche, so did the calls and texts wondering if I was okay. I started making calls and texts to friends hoping that everyone was okay. But word came in that Chris was in it and did not make it. I didn’t know Jim or John but I had the amazing opportunity of seeing Chris Rudolph share his stoke, his passion and his love for the mountains. He’s a person you never forget. His passion and stoke still lives on in all the people he influenced along the way and the community he helped grow at Stevens Pass. I’m incredibly lucky to have met Chris in my lifetime and I hope I can share the passion of snow like he did with everyone around him.

Our mountains we love, the snow we live for and the community that is skiing and snowboarding…must always be respected and honored. One day may be laughs, smiles and amazing moments…the next may be heartwrenching experiences. We power through it. We remember our friends who shared the stoke and we fall in love over and over with each turn until one day we have made our last.

Rest in Peace Chris Rudolph, Jim Jack and Johnny Brenan.

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