Snowboard Review: 13-14 Capita Ultrafear FK

14 Mar, 2013

Location: Winter Park, CO

Snow Conditions: Softpacked to hardpacked conditions.

Setup: I rode the Capita Ultrafear FK with Union Force bindings and Vans aura boots.

Size: 155

First Impression: It’s been a couple years since I’ve owned the Ultrafear but I remember why I loved it. Solid freestyle board!

Weight: Average.

Flex: On the spectrum, the Ultrafear is on the middle of the range for overall flex. It’s meant to be a stiffer freestyle board, not as soft as the horrorscope and not as stiff as the mid range boards. The longitudinal flex feels a tad stiffer which helps for the overall handling of the board. Torsionally there’s some give and play to the board which helps for quick response. The nose and tail are still soft enough for playing around on and float in any powder. The Capita Ultrafear features freestyle FK with zero camber from insert to insert, reverse camber from outside insert to contact point and wah-pow on the nose and tail of the board.

Turning:One of the highlights of the Ultrafear is the handling. It takes very little adjustment to ride this board and it’s one of those boards that I honestly think any level could ride. It’s an easy transition into turns, doesn’t catch and allows the rider to really maneuver the board on the snow versus the board maneuvering you. It has good response with clean initation into turns. It’s surprisingly stable on longer radius turns but short turns are a blast with it. Consistenly it handles very well on edge and gripping the snow in the icy/hardpacked spots.

Stable: For a freestyle board, the Ultrafear definitely handles on its own. It is a board that you can ride outside of the park and still feel stable in the powder and on the groomers.

Pop: I’ve played with this board a lot in the past and it’s definitely a poppy, lively board. This time around I only took it out on groomed runs without any time on jumps. I did take it into the mini park for a couple laps with it on the boxes and had fun with it.

Switch: The Ultrafear handled the same regular as it did switch. No major differences in the board.

Overall Impression: The Capita Ultrafear receives a unique shape for this year but don’t let it freak you out, it’s the same popular Ultrafear for good reason. The Ultrafear is a all-around freestyle board that ride the park, the mountain and the powder without giving up the fun freestyle aspect of snowboarding.

Shay’s Honesty Box: It’s been a couple years since I’ve ridden the Ultrafear but now that it’s no longer a limited edition board, I figured I’d get back on the board I once loved. The best part was I still love it. It’s a board that is built for freestyle but delivers on all over avenues of the mountain. It’s poppy and lively, it’s fun and it grips.

On Snow Photo

Capita Ultrafear FK Description

Review Disclosure: I demoed this board at the SIA on-snow demo at Winter Park, CO.


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  1. cdr
    March 14, 2013

    dang I want that board! still riding the first Ultrafear from a few years back. Let’s work something out! I’ll buy it!

  2. Joe
    October 28, 2013

    What size bindings do ride?