Snowcial + Heavenly 3/1/13

04 Mar, 2013

From late nights to early mornings, Snowcial is one of the most fun conferences for winter sports marketing. It was definitely good to be hanging back with familiar faces and friends for the weekend. Friday was a morning of presentations before hitting the slopes in the afternoon.

Friday morning speakers were Greg Cannon from Caesars entertainment, Stanley Hainesworth from Tether, Christopher Steiner from Forbes, Patrick Harrington from Walmart Labs and Grant Korgan from Korg 3.0 Movement. The authentic, positive and amazing outlook from Grant Korgan really set the tone for the day. He had been seriously injured in a snowmobile accident, lost the use of his legs and has worked hard to accomplish all the same goals and create new ones. He spoke such sweet words about his wife, “She stood by me when her man couldn’t stand for himself” during the speech.

After the presentations, I joined a crew for lunch before heading onto the slopes in the afternoon. It was super warm on the mountain and conditions were actually slushy. But it was a good day to be in the sun with a crew lapping the mountain before heading in for apres.

For apres, we went to unbuckled at the top of the gondola. They have the Heavenly angels dancing for you while you wait 30 minutes for a beer. We ended up outside enjoying the beers before heading down for dinner.

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