Snowcial + Heavenly 3/2/13

10 Mar, 2013

Snowcial was winding down on Saturday but it meant the perfect timing for a full day on the slopes with everyone who attended the conference. I worked in the morning before heading onto the slopes to join the group for lunch and Epic Mix Racing.

I hadn’t tried Epic Mix Racing yet but after the first lap and then more laps, it started getting addicting as I tried to beat my previous times and ride better against Lars. He was killing me on time. My only goal was to try to get lower than 20.

Digi Dave was very serious about the Epic Mix Racing and required the tightest speed suit to get it done. We ended up getting this photo at lunch. Yep, he’s my tiny dancer.

After racing, we ended up doing pipe and park laps. It was a good way to end the day and after riding pipe the last couple days, finally started to air out again.

In the evening, everyone came together for a dinner and awards. It was a blast catching up with everyone and watching the awards get handed out. The drinking out of the boot required more drinking out of the boot (rental boots) and I caught that on camera.

Props to Laura and Eugene

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