A Weekend in Moab

04 Jun, 2013

It was a long winter in Colorado so when it kept snowing in May, I realized I needed to get out into some warm heat and sunshine. Moab, Utah offered up the camping, hiking, biking and heat without traveling too far to get it. Plus it was a far enough, it seemed like a mini vacation on its own.

We loaded up the truck with our bikes and arrived late on Friday to find a camping spot. It was just us girls (Rachel and myself) for the first night before other friends (Laura, Nick and family) arrived for Saturday night. As night set in, we got to see the canyon walls lit up around us (still not sure what that was about) which was pretty cool!

On Saturday we loaded up the bikes and headed just north of town to ride some easier trails with my dog. I had brought my downhill bike so it was a struggle getting up some of the hills but I made it.I was really proud of Capitadog for staying with us during the ride and leading the way. Really looking forward to spending more time on the bike this summer enjoying bike parks in Colorado.

Rachel riding the trail

On Sunday, we headed to Arches National Park for a couple hours of touring the park and checking out the hiking trails to the Arches. Since it’s a National Park, dogs aren’t allowed on the hiking trails so Capitadog and myself were limited. I kept her company rather than leave her in the truck with almost 90 degree heat.

Eventually Rachel and I were able to do a short hike to one of the Arches and get to explore without leaving my dog for too long. The park was beautiful, so much to see and definitely wish we had visited longer and been able to do more trails.

Definitely a good vacation away from home and great to enjoy the warm temps before coming back into the mountains. Looking forward to another Moab trip when the temps aren’t as hot this Fall.

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