Whistler Bike Park: Top of the World

08 Oct, 2014

It’s amazing to stand on the top of a trail, know your line and just go for it. Snowboarding or mountain biking – those moments you remember! My last visit to Whistler was for one trail, to conquer the Top of the World. I knew that I wanted to ride the trail when it opened a couple years ago. Not only is it a black trail but the amount of vertical makes for one sick day of riding.

I loaded up the bike and headed to Whistler with my mom along for the adventure. She doesn’t mountain bike but there’s enough in the town of Whistler to keep her occupied while I rode the trails. Once in Whistler, it was time to make plans for the bike park the next day. Stephanie, Joe, Janet and friends all came out to rally the park. We took warmup laps, getting back on the trails and making sure we were dialed before heading up to Top of the World. Eventually it was time to hit the gondola line and head to the top.

Dropping into Top of the World was certainly memorable because it was the “this is it” moment and just knowing you are committed to what lies ahead. No matter what I encountered, it was charging and felt insanely good. Insane cause I was pushing my riding and good because it’s taking a leap and knowing you’ll make it. The trail was amazing, the amount of vertical and terrain you cover is impressive. One lap down felt like five laps on other trails. It just kept going!

Our second to last run of the day should have ended better but sometimes it happens. My time came as I slipped on a root on Too Tight and momentum took me into a tree. It was my best crash of the season and certainly the hardest (even weeks later, still bruised up and healing). Thanks to Janet, I had help behind me as I recovered and walked my way down the rest of the trail. I still had another trail to get down but I managed to ride out of the park and into the balcony of GLC for hydration. It was a damn good day, even with the crash…sometimes some moments make everything worth it.

It’s time to put the bike away for the season. But I ended on a high note – new trails, plenty of smiles and still a love for the bike.

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