Steamboat Powdercats

14 Feb, 2017

When I found out I’d be making the trip back to Steamboat, I knew I was in NEED of a powder day. I needed a guaranteed good powder day on my snowboard so I immediately looked up Steamboat Powdercats to see if there was any availability in the cat tour groups while I was in town.Luckily for me, there was room in the cats. I booked the intermediate level II group (because quite frankly I just wanted the trees and powder without the “we gotta rip this mentality.”

Leading up to the trip, I was pretty sick. In fact I almost canceled but I was so looking forward to this day that I needed to go. I would suck it up, pull through and ride hard. There’s always time to feel sick later right? I’m really glad I didn’t cancel and pulled through a tough girl mentality because the day ended up being exactly what I needed. Powder turn after powder turn after powder day.

The morning of the trip I checked in at the Steamboat powdercats office, signed a couple waivers, got my gear checked out (just in case borrowed a Never Summer demo board in case my wax job didn’t hold up), and met the crew I’d be sharing the cat with for the day. Our guides were awesome, they made us feel right at home and we told lots of stories about where we came from and what brought us to Steamboat.

That day we ended up pulling in 14 runs with our group. From wide open terrain to tight aspen trees, we really pulled through and cranked out the runs.

I brought my GoPro along for the journey but the Steamboat powdercats photographer ended up capturing pretty amazing shots throughout the afternoon. Best part, all the low-res images were free and available by the time we finished the day. Now that’s incredible.

You know you have a good day when you are all smiles…even when you fall.

I ended the day exhausted but completely happy. It was certainly what the doctor ordered (ok well maybe not what the doctor ordered) but it delivered the much-needed powder day.

If you happen to find yourself in Colorado, always make the trek to Steamboat Springs and see if there’s room for you in the cat at Steamboat Powdercats. They take great care of their guests and make sure you have a “powderific day”


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