Alyeska Resort

14 Mar, 2017

Snowboarding in Alaska should be on everyone’s bucket list. The flight up is one of the most scenic, awe-inspiring journeys and the ride down the terrain that Alaska offers is even better. Whether it’s in-bounds at a resort or in the backcountry – there’s truly terrain for all ability levels. I’ve already done the backcountry snowboarding in Alaska during my Tailgate Alaska stint so I was very content with staying in-bounds just to explore Alyeska Resort on this trip.

View from the tram looking over Girdwood

I hopped a flight late Friday after the workweek, checked in my snowboard gear, and landed in Anchorage. Just a short drive later, I was arriving at the Alyeska Resort Hotel to start my weekend snowboard trip. I was traveling solo so I was very glad to have the help of the Alyeska staff to show me around the resort over the weekend. Woke up early Saturday to find blue skies, groomed corduroy, and a smile on my face.

Top of the chairlift

My tour guide around the mountain was Nicole who did a great job telling me about the terrain, snow this year, mountain features and what I had to check out while in town. Later that evening I would meet up with Shannon from the resort for sushi dinner. Pretty much snowboarding and sushi is the way to my heart.

It hadn’t snowed recently but to be honest, I was fine with how the mountain was riding. It was hard-packed, groomers but wide open and barely anyone on the slopes. You could lap the trails to your hearts content. Every lap there was no line. It seemed like the locals were waiting on the fresh snow so I was happy just having the mountain to cruise down.

With over 3,000 of vertical it was easy to lap top to bottom over and over and over. By the end of the weekend, my legs were definitely feeling the vert.

Did I mention how much I enjoyed the sunshine?

Cruising down and spraying up snow

Since the temps were colder I made sure to pack my warm winter gear and facemask so I was able to lap in the sunshine most of the day but I still went inside for breaks to stay warm. The bar and dining area at the top of the tram was the perfect spot to take a break. Can’t resist just watching the views like this.

What a trip! I had really been hoping for a bluebird snowboard weekend and I definitely got it. When you live in Seattle, sometimes you just want to trade in the dismal grey rainy weather for a weekend of fun in the sun. This was the best of both worlds because I was able to snowboard all weekend before hopping my flight home.

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