Steamboat 12/4/07

04 Dec, 2007

So since the season has started…I’m also on the mountain more which I’m trying to consider whether I should write blogs each time I’m on the mountain…but I figure why not. I mean anyone who plans to ride Steamboat wants to know how it is and what its like. This is something that a snowfall report can’t tell you.

Today I was stoked to get out on my lunch break for 2 hours. I heard this morning that BC (Burgess Creek) chairlift opened which meant more riding terrain on the mountain. Unfortunately by the time I hit the mountain at 12:00pm the chairlift was not running.

Regardless I met up with friends, Jacob and Nick to ride. I didn’t get any shots except for gaper shots today. I’m going to keep those off of here until I put up the 2007-2008 Gaper Hunt which will seriously be awesome.

Todays riding was pretty fun. There was more terrain and even some locations where there was powder…heavy wet powder…but still made some fun turns.

The only downside to not having a lot of terrain open is dealing with cat tracks right now. It’s really a maze and figuring out the best path to get around people on the cat tracks. I think the worst part is you have snowboarders who are trying to remain in good speed throughout the cat track which means we don’t turn much. Then you have some skiers who love to turn in cat tracks because they have poles…they don’t need the speed so why not take up a whole run turning? That was today’s issue with riding.

It was a pretty quick day, made turns for 2 hours. I didn’t even realize it was getting close until I was reminded that I had to go back to work.

I am looking forward to this sunday here at Steamboat…it’s a snowboard demo day with Never Summer, Lib Tech and GNU just to name a few. So looking forward to having fun riding demos.
Also a heads up…4 points chair and the gondola open tomorrow. So looks like the season is getting to normal here in Steamboat.

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