Steamboat 2/17/08

17 Feb, 2008

Last night at the bar I caught up with one of the local shop guys Bernie from Powdertools and talked to him about taking out a couple boards today from their demo fleet. It was the perfect day for it since I was riding alone and the mountain offered up powder and groomers.

I really wanted to take out the 07-08 Ride Concept TMS again after discussing it with a reader of my blog. It was good to give the board a 2nd chance in different conditions than I had at Keystone with it before. I’ll be updating my board review with it here where i’ll write up more on how it rode today.

I headed up to Pony to take some runs. In the last 24 hours we received 6 inches of new snow so today I was able to take some trees runs with the TMS and made powder turns. It was really fun board in the powder, no problem with making quick turns in the trees and holding afloat through the snow.

It was fun riding in the trees today, I held my camera and captured video so I’ll be posting that up once I figure out how to mute it or add music. The sound of me breathing the entire time doesn’t seem appealing.

I took the TMS back and took out the K2 Believer for the afternoon riding. Stuck to the lower mountain where I could just mess around with the board and hit up pipe riding. The believer was fun to ride for lower mountain.

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