Hanging with Nitro

19 Apr, 2008

One of the highlights of my trip back to Washington was being able to check out the Nitro Office in Redmond.  You’d never know there was a snowboard company office where it’s located.  Nitro has been a NW company since the early days and it was a great time to meet the staff and hang out.
The entry artwork on the walls
Ryan and Seth both work for Nitro so it was great to spend time with them.  I’ve known Ryan for years, we actually met through AASI events for instructing.  Ryan introduced me to Seth who I’ve known through on-snow and SIA.  
Ryan Garvie and myself.  

Garvie’s office

Walking into the Nitro office, you get the real feel for the style behind the company. The music, skate and graphic influence is the back bones behind Nitro. Skateboards line the walls, artistic posters with music and snowboards, older generation Nitro snowboards on the walls, comfortable couch set up and skate mini ramp make it a really sweet environment to step into.
Collection of past generation Nitros

One of the Sno Con guys showing his skills on the mini ramp

I talked with one of the Sno Con guys about how reverse camber tech is really coming out strong for 08-09. Even talking with Nitro and joking about how boards with no camber used to be put in for warranty…how that is now completely changed in snowboards.
I managed to meet one of the original founders of Nitro while I was there.  He’s in this photo wearing the white hoodie with his back towards the camera.  

Nitro is also pushing out some of the latest technology for 08-09. They have two prototypes being tested to determine what style of reverse camber/no camber tech they would like to have as a late release. I got to check out the two prototypes and really looking forward to seeing which one they release.
I checked out the L1 outerwear at SIA since L1, Raiden and Nitro are all the same company. Seth let me into the wherehouse where I got to find a jacket in my size and came home with a sweet black/purple jacket that I can’t wait to take on snow with.

Definitely enjoyed the experience and hanging out with everyone.  Thanks to Ryan and Seth for hooking it up and allowing me to take photos.  

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