A Look back at New Purchases

29 Apr, 2008

So back in September I did a blog post on purchases I had made this year for snowboard goodies.

I wanted to look back and see what has lasted and what hasn’t through this year. I’ve added some new stuff that I picked up as well.

Oakley Stockholm goggles

  • Retail: $85.00
  • Update: My first women’s specific goggles in a long time. I wore these any day that it was not sunny on the mountain which was a lot this year. They actually fit my face very good and I didn’t have any fogging up due to the fit with these.

Rome Reign Gloves

  • Retail: $44.95
  • Update: I needed warmer gloves to last all year and picked these up from Rome. The only damage looking at them now is some tree marks from me grabbing trees quickly. Other than that, they are in great condition and were my cold day gloves this season.

686 Ayk Organic Premium T-shirt

  • Retail: $24.00
  • Update: This t-shirt is still holding up strong and actually one of the most used shirts to snowboard in.

686 Rocker Stud Toolbelt

  • Retail: $49.95
  • Update: The concept is cool but I used my Burton belt a lot more this year than the 686 belt. I just gave this belt away to a friend in Summit County who I know will use it a lot more than me.

Burton Studded Belt

  • Retail: $29.95
  • Update: Honestly I love the belt, and I warrantied it once here back in March. Now since then, the belt is already doing the same thing where it’s delaminating. Basically my favorite belt…but quality is not there at all.

Burton Distortion Pack

  • Retail: $59.95
  • Update: Probably the most used pack ever. Not only do I have seperate pockets for every possible thing in the world…but it’s been my pack for weekend trips, for traveling, for carrying around stuff. I have no complaints at all on this pack. It’s held up throughout the year without any quality issues.

Burton K-Moss Beanie

  • Retail: $25.00
  • Update: The downside is being in the bars with a girl wearing the same hat in the same color. The upside is I really like how it looks and I’ve worn it a lot this year. The button came off within weeks of getting it and the stitching is kind of coming out along the edges. But I still own the hat and wear it a lot.

Rome Break T-Shirt

  • Retail: $20.00
  • Update: Still love the shirt.

Rome Grunge Zip Hoodie

  • Retail: $65.00
  • Update: Reversible hoodies are the way to go! I took this to SIA in January and realized I saved money by packing less and being able to wear the hoodie for 3 days straight by switching it out from plaid to black and wearing a different shirt underneath. Now I know 3 days is gross but I didn’t wanna do laundry. I’m definitely picking up another reversible hoodie for those travel days where you don’t wanna do laundry and can wear something different each day.

Rome Madison Bindings

  • Retail: $189.95
  • Update: This is my second set of Rome Madisons and I am still stoked on them. There is some good wear and tear on the bindings, I’ve had to get new baseplates and disc covers for them but overall everything is in working condition but looks really beat up.

K2 Gyrator 162cm

  • Retail: $549.95
  • Update: I bought this specific powder board in a really good year to buy one. Steamboat broke records and honestly we had so many powder days of 22+ inches that I needed a powder board. The Gyrator was exceptional in powder, not so much on the groomers and chop but in powder…it was amazing. Overall, the board is still in great condition and is waiting for next years powder days.

686 Smarty Original Cargo Snowboard Pants

  • Retail: $199.95
  • Update: My old 686 died pretty quick so I had to pick up a new pair of pants around Christmas time (Thanks mom!). These have been a great investment…not only in the cost but the quality. The fact that I have a inner removable fleece liner has been a life saver. On cold days I keep it in, on warm days take it out and any time I crash somewhere I have pajama pants (bonus in my opinion). The pants have held up great, so much pocket space and I do use the hidden compartment/bottle opener occasionally.

Bonfire Gold Jacket

  • Retail: Not sure
  • Update: I got this when I wanted a jacket that was longer on me and wouldn’t show any coin slot when strapping in. I picked it up from Sports Authority during one of the Christmas sales mostly for the bright color of blue. This was my main jacket throughout the season, I’ve only had one rip from trees which a friend kindly sewn up for me and is barely noticeable. The color has been amazing, you can always spot me on the mountain and in photos the color is so bright I just stand out especially when riding in trees. I get mistaken for SSWSC coaches because the color is the same that they wear.
Wearing the 686 pants and Bonfire jacket

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