L1 Outerwear 2008-2009

16 May, 2008

I checked out L1 outerwear briefly at SIA. It’s the outerwear company owned by the same folks as Nitro and Raiden. I thought it was a nice breathe of fresh air…because they kept with the dark colors and not going into the retro neon 80’s/90’s look like some other companies. They definitely keep it more upscale in terms of how a jacket/pants look.

I got to see a lot of the jackets in person during my trip to the Nitro office and try on a couple, I ended up taking home the Breakdown jacket in purple and black. I’m not one to be very fashionable, I grew up in Washington where you know waterproof mm ratings over what looks good on you.

So far I’ve spent 4 days on snow with the jacket and definitely some cool features. The gold print lining is amazing, it makes it feel like I’m wearing a super nice jacket but on-snow. The wrist gators are super warm and comfortable. My favorite part of the jacket is the “live to ride” embroidery on the cuffs. I wear music and the features definitely help you with listening to music in your jacket. Since I live in CO now I can get away with 5,000mm on that jacket with no problem. I’m still getting used to the jacket but so far it’s been fun to rock on the mountain.

I have more information on each jacket, the features, ratings and sizes so just ask if you need more info on a certain one.

Outerwear Features

The Nima Jalali Collection

Jet Boy Jacket
Thunder Pants
Eve of Destruction Jacket

The Limited Collection

Mean Machine Loose fit full Suit
Ace of Spades Jacket
Generals Pants
Live and Let Die Down Jacket
Generals Slim Pants

The Blackstar Collection

M.I.A Jacket
M.I.A Pant
Live and Let Die Jacket
Bad Obession Pant

The Legacy Collection

Perfect Crime Jacket
Shotgun Blues Pant
Chinese Rocks Jacket
Four Horseman Pant
Pipeline Jacket
Pipeline Pant
Breakdown Jacket

The L1ta Collection

Don’t Cry Loose Fit Full Suit
Private World Jacket
Going Steady Down Jacket
Baby Talk Pants
Blackmail Jacket
Let Go Pant
The Garden Jacket
Patience Pant
Personality Crisis Jacket
Heartbreaker Pant

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  1. Anthony
    May 16, 2008

    Pipeline looks so completely wicked…

  2. B
    August 11, 2008

    Where can i find a pair of the M.I.A pants? they look rad!

  3. Shayboarder
    August 14, 2008

    My friend at Nitro says L1 is shipping now and the site should be up this weekend with the shops that will carry them. I always check froogle.com to get a good idea of what shops have what products that I’m specifically looking for. But yeah hopefully soon they should be out.

  4. B
    August 25, 2008

    Cool, thanks for that. Will keep an eye out!

  5. andrew
    May 15, 2012

    i know its kind of late but where can i find the l1 breakdown in the black/tan(brown) combination? i cant find it anywhere.