Shay’s back in the Northwest

16 Aug, 2008

I’m packed and on my way to the airport to head back to Seattle, Washington for a vacation for the next 8 days. I’ll be spending 5 days in Seattle and 3 days at Mt Hood. It’s tough leaving a resort town but it’s nice to go back to the hometown every now and then.

The World of Snowboarding will still be updated on this journey…I still have stuff to say and experiences to encounter along the way.

I am amped to hit up Mt Hood. For those who haven’t been out to Hood in the summer, it’s fun and amazing. Some of my best summers have been spent at Hood, whether it was being a summer liftie living rent free in Rhody or hanging out with friends on the top of the halfpipe, pushing each other to air higher. I have some funny epic stories from living at Hood and always good times when I go back there.

Summer 2007: Shay hiking the pipe

Update: I arrived in Seattle tonight…who knew that it was harder to leave Steamboat in the summer than the winter. Clear skies, no snow, easy flying…ah but the planes have issues. I arrived and am back in Seattle finally. Here’s some pictures from my adventure waiting around the airport. And when luggage time came, 40 pounds for my snowboard bag (removed my NS lotus since I don’t need to bring it this time) and 30 pounds for my 2nd bag. Paid $25 since the 2nd bags cost money now 🙁

For anyone who ever comes to Steamboat…this is our small airport.  It’s 30 minutes from town, super tiny, you can leave your car parked in front and there’s no one to bother you.  And it’s the only place I love flying out of, people are friendly, no lines and it’s fun to watch the tourists going home.  

In my traveling clothes…waiting around for the security gate to open

There’s one thing I love about living in higher elevations…the cloudy storms that roll through.  First off it feels like your in heaven, like right in the clouds because they are so close and secondly…the storms are amazing, thunder, lightning, rain…I grew up in Seattle and the storms in CO I love just sitting outside and watching them.  
And by god…it’s fucking hotter than HELL in Seattle.  

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