itunes delivers the snowboard films

17 Oct, 2008

Earlier this month I talked about supporting snowboard films by buying not illegally downloading them. I understand snowboard films cost some money, typically costs more than a regular movie and we all know it’s not 2 hours long like a typical movie.

One way to get snowboard films for cheaper but without illegally downloading is through itunes which allows you to pick up current snowboard films that choose the itunes route.
So far this year two films have been added to itunes for downloading. And you won’t spend more than $8.00 for either one. While you might be missing out on bonus features, this is a good way to save money and still get your shred fix on.

Quiksilver’s “That’s It, That’s All” is available on itunes for $7.99
(Click on photo to get to itunes store)
Forum’s “Forum or Against Em” is available on itunes for $5.99
(click on photo to get to itunes store)

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  1. Marc
    October 17, 2008

    Let’s also remember that Defective Films used to offer the StepChild – Child Support video for download for a nominal fee (although now you can view it for free at the Stepchild media centre). This may be the future of snowboard films where a distribution channel is not needed, only some good footage. The revolution will be televised (or on YouTube, either or).