Loveland 11/13/08: Demo Day

13 Nov, 2008

Today was day two of the demos at Loveland and in typical form it was snowing throughout the day. I arrived early and spent the day from one tent to another trying out boards.

Conditions were better than yesterday, it wasn’t as cold and windy but it was still cold and windy. The snow conditions were better, less icy spots and some powder turns to be made.

Loveland was prepping for Chair #2 to be open tomorrow and coverage looks a lot better after the recent snowfall.
The powder wasn’t much but it was a good area to try out the boards in for the float factor.
I found some goods but also found a buried log in the process causing me to do a nice tumble and roll in the powder.

Gary and I on the chairlift

I was able to demo Smith Heiress goggles for the day with gold sensor mirror lenses and I was impressed, good fit with my face and in the conditions today I had good visibility and no fogging. I checked them out in the AM while waiting for first run with Gags and I didn’t return them till 3pm.
Made laps with a couple people today, some riding by myself when no one was around.

Here’s Gag’s on the rail.

So I am now keeping my mtnops notebook in my cargo pocket to write notes in on the boards. So far it’s working good, have the notes still after writing them while it’s snowing out…my only glitch is the pen so I make sure I carry a couple to write with.

Here’s the list of what I rode today: Salomon Sanchez with Salomon women’s relay-e bindings, Salomon Sick Stick with Salomon women’s relay-e bindings, Unity ULS with Union Force SL bindings, Nitro Sub Pop with Union Force SL bindings, Nitro T2 with Union Force SL bindings, Roxy Eminence BTX with Union Force SL bindings, Rossignol Jdub with Union Force SL bindings, Burton Uninc with Burton Escapade bindings and Burton Love with Burton Cartel bindings.
So some thoughts from the boards today, I was bummed to see the uninc different than last years but at the same time glad I didn’t get this years since I loved last years. Nitro T2 is not the same as the eero so got that figured out and I’ll try to ride the eero for the reader that wanted it. Now with a couple more rockers under my belt, impressed how each company puts their own name on them and they are different. Sick Stick I’d only ride on a powder day. I rode the Force SL’s most of the day and had a good time using them to demo boards with.
Riding the Love…literally

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  1. Marc
    November 13, 2008

    How was riding the Sick Stick? More importantly, how was riding the Love 😉

  2. Shayboarder
    November 13, 2008

    haha reviews to come…but sick stick was fun in what little powder I found, I wouldn’t ride it solely on groomers.

    Riding the love made me feel dirty and perverted and I felt good non-censoring kids on the hill from seeing what they could see on the beach…but on snow now.

    As a girl riding it…it’s like the best thing ever, I should get pick-up lines all the time. It’s like hey guys I give you cheesy porn when you ride with me.

  3. martinboards
    November 13, 2008


  4. martinboards
    November 13, 2008

    Nice pic with you and the love! I wonder if I could get away with instructing while riding a Burton Love…

    Any chance you will get a demo on the Rome Artifact? I just read that it has brass edges instead of steel.. makes me kinda like them since brass is less likely to catch than steel, but i dont actually know

  5. Shayboarder
    November 14, 2008

    Probably not while instructing. I definitely got looks just in the lift line.

    Didn’t try the artifact. There’s more demos this weekend so maybe then. Brass edges are good for rails, but they don’t last as long as steel.

    Two reviews going up today 🙂

  6. hoon
    November 14, 2008

    artifact has had the brass rails for a few years. definitely notice a difference on the rails (not earth shattering midn you), but the nice thing is i didn’t notice any performance differences when carving steel vs brass.