Snowboard Review: 08-09 Roxy Eminence BTX

21 Nov, 2008

2008-2009 Roxy Eminence BTX

Location: Loveland, Colorado

Snow Conditions: Snowing with hardpacked groomers to icy groomers to fresh snow on the runs.

Setup: I rode the Roxy Eminence BTX with Union Force SL bindings and my Vans Omni Focus size 8.

First Impression: I am riding a Roxy/GNU.

Size: 157cm/156cm…the board was labeled as 157cm and I have a photo of it as that…but according to Roxy, it comes in 156cm.

Weight: lighter than average.

Flex: As a more all mountain freestyle board, it offered up a mid-soft flex for women, I didn’t find it to be a noodle but it also wasn’t ideal for deep powder or bombing runs. For easy groomers and just mellow crusing, I noticed it had a softer torsional flex and it was easy to initiate turns with. Once I did take it into powder, it was okay…it didn’t cut through the best and I felt it was lacking there.

Turning: It was an easy ride and easy to manipulate in turning. It offered up really quick edge to edge response and a ligher swing weight to easy to go from regular to switch riding. It didn’t blow me away on carving, but it held and edge and I could make decent turns down the hill. I liked really quick short radius turns on the board, the longer S turns were okay but didn’t feel as stable as some stiffer boards I had rode earlier.

Stable: It surprisingly held up on the groomers when I was going faster with it. I went over a couple icy spots on the terrain and had no problems with holding an edge and the board remaining stable. I probably wouldn’t ride powder with it a lot…that was the only part where I thought it could have done better, but for all mountain just riding and playing around with it…handled it.

Pop: This was one of the boards that I spent more time on the walls next to the cat track…just to play around with, 180’s, ollies, tail presses. It was a really fun playful board.

Switch: True twin and rode fine either regular or switch. I did notice the easy swing weight of the board, it was no problems when popping a 180 into riding switch.

Powder: I actually found some decent powder off the side of the sun with this board, unfortunately it was also the board that found a log buried under the powder and totally flipped me over. It had okay float with the BTX, I wouldn’t use it strictly for powder riding. I think the soft flex would make you work harder than you need to in powder.

MagneTraction (MTX): I expected it to be more aggressive mtx, but I found it was quite mellow…no surprises in the riding. It held an edge on the icy spots of the day and other than that I rode and made turns without really noticing the mtx difference.

Overall Impression: I wasn’t expecting it to be a board I’d ride, but I found it to be a fun ride for the groomers and just messing around with. Definitely the more freestyle flare board for women but who still want the board to handle out of the park. I had a decent time on groomers with it, nothing to hard to ride and can help progress into more park.

Shay’s Honesty Box: The Roxy Eminence BTX is actually a GNU B-street with an extra cm on the nose and tail, same board different graphics. So really if you are looking at either one, you get your choice of which graphic and what size works better for you.

Finally huge Kudos for Roxy…I was able to demo the 157cm…typically that size for women’s board at demos is hard to come by and I was stoked to see that size available.

On-snow Photos
Roxy Eminence BTX Description
For more information on the Roxy Eminence BTX go to Roxy’s website.

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  1. ben-day-ho
    November 21, 2008

    post this everywhere!!!

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    * 11/22/08

    Wear you team’s apparel to Brighton this Saturday, November 22 and ski or ride for just $22.50

  2. fromthe2one5ive
    December 16, 2008

    I’m so torn between the Roxy Eminence BTX and the Gnu B-PRO BTX. I read both of your reviews.. I want an all-mountain board that is good in powder but I can still learn park with. Which one would you recommend??

  3. Shayboarder
    December 29, 2008

    Eminence held up well in the powder but is more of a park board. B-pro is more charging, really stable wider board. What size boots are you rocking and where do you ride?

  4. Dianna
    January 08, 2009

    Hi Shay,

    I’m a beginner/intermediate rider and am torn between the Eminence BTX vs MTX. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the reverse camber but wasn’t sure it’s right for me. I like the magnetraction for it’s (supposedly) control, and the reverse camber for the (again supposedly) reduced edge catching and ease of initiating turns. I made a mistake of getting a stiffer and larger first board to learn off of, and don’t want to make the same mistake of getting something too advanced for me to handle. Any opinions?

  5. Shayboarder
    January 08, 2009

    Either way you are getting mtx, it’s just deciding if you want the reverse camber. What style of riding do you do and your experience riding? What was the board you had before?

  6. fromthe2one5ive
    February 03, 2009

    Hi Shay!

    I ended up with the Roxy Eminence BTX- 147. Love it. I ride mostly in VT and it was perfect for both the super icy conditions and when we finally got some powder towards the end of our trip. I wear a size 6 1/2, so it’s def. stable and wide enough for me. Its so much lighter than the board I had before too. I can’t wait to ride it again next week.

    Love your blog, by the way. So SIA was a good time?! 🙂

  7. Shayboarder
    February 05, 2009


    Awesome you are loving the eminence that is great to hear! Glad you like the blog! SIA was a great time, busy but a lot of fun!

  8. zhangger
    March 20, 2010

    I got the Eminence finally! Love the board. I rode a 152 b-pro before. Way way too big and heavy for me. The Eminence BTX that I am riding is 147 and I love its skinnier size. I have 7 size feet super wide stance. Eminence allow me to have wide stance (feels wider than b-pro same size) and faster turns (Skinnier). Love it in powder. Took it to whistler last weekend, had no problem going down 3 -4 feet powder Peek to Creek powder run. My bf was riding a regular camber. I came out in much better shape than he was.

  9. Vica T
    April 30, 2010

    My bf got me this board, and i love it! glad to see that you think that it’s a good board to start doing park on because its my goal.
    I’m from upstate NY so there is barely any powder during the season, so its not a biggie if Eminence is not a good powder board. =D

  10. May 01, 2010

    Zhangger, great to hear!

    Vica, awesome on the board choice! I think you’ll be happy with it and if you take a trip west or find powder, it’ll help you stay afloat.