Sneak Peak: 09-10 Lib Tech Box Scratcher BTX

04 Dec, 2008

Here’s a goodie for the Lib Techies out there, the 09-10 Lib Tech Box Scratcher now offered up in two sizes: 147cm and 151cm.

Jesse Burtner who definitely is deserving of a pro model will have his own Box Scratcher that offers up a sweet Spacecraft collaboration with Lib Tech.

I’ve seen most of the 09-10 Lib boards and wrote about them…when I’m allowed to, I’ll put more up.

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  1. Huckleberry Hart
    December 04, 2008

    Sicc! Burtner is the man. And the Spacecraft bunny is cute.

  2. Damian
    December 04, 2008

    I’m a sucker for poly. These graphics are great especially the spacecraft collaboration.

  3. Anonymous
    December 04, 2008

    sorry kind of a random question but i’ve seen danny davis in some recent ad’s with i board with the bottom graphic saying “free livin” possibly the 09-10 burton thought you might possibly know

  4. Anonymous
    December 05, 2008

    to anynomous:
    it says easy livin. And thats not the actual graphic for 2010, thats what i’ve heard. Also, UNINC IS NO MORE! The Uninc team got split up at Burton, but the boards might still live, possibly the easy livin.

  5. Anonymous
    December 06, 2008

    my bad on easiy livin i knew i should’ve checked that makes me sad bout the unic i was thinking of investing in the 2010 model maybe i’ll try this easy livin board out i imagine if davis is riding it it will probably be similar to the unic

  6. hoon
    December 06, 2008

    snap up those unincs know while you can. viva el cerdo

  7. Anonymous
    December 30, 2008

    uninc’s are toilets compared to the box scratcher. i’ve had both. reason for the uninc split is that so many riders have been leaving burton, the biggest sellout company in snowboard history for sure. ride a libtech!

  8. Shayboarder
    December 30, 2008

    I wouldn’t even compare the uninc against the box scratcher…two totally different boards in my mind.

    I hope the riders find homes in other companies that they can grow with.