Breckenridge & Keystone 1/16/09

17 Jan, 2009

I was in Denver on friday to visit the Boa Headquarters (tour, video and write up coming soon!) and to stop by Never Summer to pick up a snowboard and check out the 09-10 line.   I left Denver and headed to Breckenridge to spend the afternoon riding halfpipe before going to Keystone for night riding.  

Never Summer 2009-2010 Lotus 

It was a beautiful day at Breck for afternoon riding, bluebird with not many people on the mountain. I just lapped the superpipe.

The Breckenridge superpipe is awesome, they take really good care of it and it shows.  I rode up the chair with a girl and we ended up riding pipe together for the afternoon.  On the last run, she took a bad drop into the pipe and ended up crashing pretty hard.  I ended the day with her to make sure she could get down to the base fine since her wrists were hurting and she was dizzy.  
I met up with my buddy K after riding Breckenridge and we headed to Keystone to meet up with friends for night riding.  

This was my first time night riding in Colorado.  When I lived in Washington I used to night ride all the time and only two mountains in Colorado have night riding.  

The most amazing tightest one piece was out skiing

I spent the evening riding the Lotus, which on the icy night conditions was super grippy but I hadn’t detuned it and I definitely needed to adjust to it.  

Keystone has the medium park up, so I watched K on the rails and just followed through.  

Ending the night sitting in front of the fire getting warm before heading to our hotel room.

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  1. Snowvols
    January 17, 2009

    I saw a nice one piece today tight material all the way to the chest and then puffy neon colors from chest up. I wish I had a picture you would appreciate it.

  2. Shayboarder
    January 17, 2009

    haha sweet! I totally appreciate good one-pieces, my face lights up in smiles when I see a good one.