Loveland 11/7/09

07 Nov, 2009

Four resorts are now open for snowboarding and skiing in Colorado which means my weekends are filled with traveling down to one of those four mountains to enjoy some much needed shred time.  Saturday I spent the day at Loveland, carpooled down with Philip and Doug and then met up with my friend Bruce who flew in from Seattle that morning.  Throughout the day we had plenty of people to ride with. It was busy when we got there, but cleared up not too long after and barely any lines for the afternoon.

Philip, myself and Bruce on the chairlift

The best part about Saturday was it was Lib Tech Rider Appreciation and Demo Day so riders received $25 lift tickets and the chance to ride a Lib/GNU/Roxy snowboard.  Dan was on hand to make things seriously fun!

I ended up demoing only two boards for the day, the GNU Street series and GNU Danny Kass which I’ll put up reviews for soon.

Also at the demo tent I ran into Madeleine and Larry who check out the blog

The snow conditions have definitely taken a beating with the lack of snowfall in the mountains.  Loveland was holding up and the snow did get icy in spots by the afternoon.

We ran into Chicken who was back on snow to shred and made laps with him for the day including in the park.

Bruce attended Windell’s Camp with me this summer and his park progression has grown immensely since then.  I watched him his that flat box and the rainbow box with no problems.

The last run of the day we were able to take with Dan riding the snowskate and Marc from High Times

The day didn’t end there, I wasn’t planning to stay in summit saturday night but with Bruce in town and the ability to catch a ride back to Steamboat the next day I ended up staying over in Breckenridge to hang out with Bruce, Marc and Dan.  It was a great evening out at the bars and hanging with friends.

The crazy part of the night was meeting Alison.  Last season at Breckenridge, I was riding alone and ended up meeting another female rider who was lapping halfpipe so we talked on the chairlift and then rode superpipe together.  She dropped into the pipe and ended up breaking her wrist on her crash, I rode down with her and made sure she made it safely to her car.  I forgot her name and we never ran into eachother.  Well she recognized me at the bar and we caught up, it was great to hear that her wrist is healed up and she’s ready for snowboarding again.  Such a small world and great to come across fun new people to ride with on the mountain.

It was a late night but plenty of fun and after saying goodbye to Bruce, made my way to Copper to enjoy another day of Colorado shredding.

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  1. Eli
    November 08, 2009

    I was a Loveland on Friday, it was mad icy and windy, but then I went to Copper today and had a blast- conditions were prime for me… Saw you at Copper too, but never said whatup cuz, well, i was having too much fun… haha.

  2. November 08, 2009

    Sweet Eli that you were there today as well! Definitely a fun day, stoked you had fun!

  3. Dan
    November 08, 2009

    Had so much fun this weekend Shay!
    Thanks for hangign out. I’ll get Phil’s stuff back to him ASAP
    See ya soon!!

  4. Jay
    November 09, 2009