Goggle Review: 08-09 Smith Heiress

12 Jan, 2009

Frame model: Blue Delft

Lens model: Sensor Mirror

Lens: Here’s what Smith has to say about the Sensor Mirror, “Light rose base lens tint with a multi-layer mirror maximizes color definition and increases depth perception in varying levels of flat light conditions. 70% VLT.”

I agree and the lens has really surprised me in flat light/overcast to snowing conditions. I like that from the outsiders perspective, the lens can or might not be reflective. I have been able to see the snow during white out conditions. During really sunny days I wear my Oakley A-frames.

Fit: One the Heiress’s the fit is almost perfect, I never feel air coming up when I’m riding and I can adjust the band around my head when I’m wearing headphones to when I need to tighten it up for when I’m wearing the goggle camera. I would probably worry if I wore these with a helmet because with my head the strap doesn’t seem long enough and might be too tight.

Features: I could read a catalog all day and still not understand the features of goggles. The biggest thing to me is that a goggle doesn’t fog, cause it really ruins a day when you have to deal with fogged goggles (I felt with that a lot last year). One of the nicest features and I have noticed it when riding is the Porex filter, which works…I don’t know how but it works. The quick fit strap is hit or miss, it’s easy to remove the goggles but that can be good and bad. If i tighten the goggles too much, I’ve had it pop off. The foam is comfortable around my face and I don’t get weird lines after riding.

Durability: I haven’t been hit by a bullet or took a hammer to the goggles but I have hit a couple trees branches when riding so far this year. The couple times that I encountered branches, I didn’t have any scrapes or noticeable effects on my goggles.

Visibility: The heiress doesn’t have the widest peripheral view, I definitely have better on my Oakley A-frames. I still like the spherical lens because I can see a good views with it and haven’t had any issues with not seeing someone next to me.

Location: I can’t rave enough about goggle demos on snow. I don’t think goggles are cheap and it sucks to buy a pair of goggles that you think fit you until you are going snowboarding and have air coming up into the goggle as you ride. So on-snow goggle demos to me are the best thing ever to find a pair that suits you without plopping down 80+ bucks.

I was able to demo the goggles back in November at the Loveland shop demo, I saw the Smith chick and got the women’s goggles (heiress) to demo. It was the perfect day to try new goggles, the conditions were flat light and overcast with some snow and ice on the runs. I ended up wearing these all day, not wanting to give them back.

A couple days after the on-snow demo, I used my industry discount to buy them. Since then I’ve spent the majority of the winter wearing these goggles because the lens is suitable for a variety of days and I have good visibility in them and so far they haven’t fogged completely up to screw me over.

Appearance: I had a hard time deciding which frame to get, because there were some rad ones that Smith had designed. In the end I settled for the Blue Delft which has the polka dot fun appearance from the side and the all work look in the front. The one thing I dislike about the appearance is on the right side is the patchwork that says Smith on it (you can see it in the first picture). I don’t like that because I’d like to have my goggle cam on my right side, but cannot with that there.

Thoughts: These goggles fit me and that’s what makes them so great for me. They aren’t perfect, I have had a couple days where I started to fog up but I really like the porex filter technology that limits that and stops it from happening.

Between the overcast, flat light days to the sunny days…I have been wearing them a lot in a variety of conditions.

It took me a couple days to get used to the porex filter on the left side of the goggle where I kept thinking I had a spot on the goggle but now I am used to it and don’t notice it when I’m riding.

On-snow photos

Smith Heiress Description


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