Steamboat 1/11/09

11 Jan, 2009

Yesterday I was working on the new so today I definitely needed to get out on the mountain.  It was a girls day, just Stacia and I hit up the mountain. 

I put everything on video using the vholdr cam (which I’ll be reviewing soon) and one clip with my digital camera.  

Steamboat 1/11/09 from Shayboarder on Vimeo.
We weren’t expecting much in terms of conditions since it hadn’t snowed in a couple days but it was snowing today on the mountain.  There wasn’t that many people up today, so we headed over to Sunshine lift to play in the trees there.  
This was one of the first photos I took of Stacia and it was the photo of the day for Steamboat.
So I’ve started to notice that in some areas of the mountain that people tend to stick to groomers.  We found plenty of trees with powder turns and even mad some new turns on our own.
Me coming out of the trees

It was a little flat in spots but still plenty of new snow

Stacia in a couple inches of fresh

Stacia and I have a lot of fun together, lots of goofing around on the mountain and making each other laugh.  We got off the BC chairlift to find a really cool bear statue just in the middle of nowhere.  So Stacia made sure to play with it.

The Steamboat bear wears a mini skirt and boots…who knew!

Before we ended the day, I took Stacia through her first superpipe run.  She did great and was hilarious to watch as she hopped turns on each wall.  

Today was my first day trying out new Swany X-ceed women’s gloves.  The inner liner is called skintex which warms and moisturizes your hands when riding.   But seriously since I got the gloves, the first thing I did was smell the magical inner liner (they smell great!).  I’ll be riding more days in them and putting up a review of them.  

It was also my first day riding in my new boots.  Earlier this season I had bought Rome Vamp boots to replace my Vans.  I’ve been hesitant about riding in them because they are a softer flex than my Vans Omni and quite frankly I’ve been riding in Vans a long time so it’s been hard to make the switch.  But since I did get custom orthotics from Surefoot (traded a mattress for that) I knew it was time to switch up the boots finally.  
We ended the day on a good note, it was fun and good to get out just taking it easy and finding what we could find.  

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  1. Jason
    January 12, 2009

    hey shayy. i ordered some bindings off using your code (ty!!) and i was just wondering if you had any insight into when i would be receiving them. i didnt get a shipment and/or tracking notification from them so i’m just a little worried. also, when i bought them it said the shipping type was ‘free fifty’ so i was unsure what type of shipping that meant.

  2. Anonymous
    January 12, 2009

    ahh so jealous of the snow there =[

    i love the pics and the video tho, keep it up!

    p.s. was wondering what kind of goggles/lens you were using? It looks like the smith sensor mirror lens and i’m not sure but i was wondering how the contrast is on overcast to bluebird days?

  3. Shayboarder
    January 12, 2009

    Hey Jason,

    I mentioned it to Johan and he said Matt has got your order handled so hopefully you should be hearing from them soon. Awesome on the new bindings, what ones did you pick up? Glad you got the discount!

  4. Shayboarder
    January 12, 2009

    Thanks anonymous, yeah Steamboat is having a great year and some good snow to enjoy. We get spoiled here. Glad you like the pics and video, I’ll keep it up. I’ll be heading down to summit, so you’ll get to see more mountains soon in the videos.

    I just put up my review of the Smith Heiress goggles, been meaning to do it. I’m rocking the sensor mirror lens and really happy with it in the flat light conditions. Really any day it’s overcast or stormy I wear them.

    Smith Heiress Review