Sessions Outerwear 2009-2010

09 Mar, 2009

“Trends come and go. Coolness grows and falls, but the ride remains the same. Just you your gear and a few good friends striking while the irons hot. Get your Sessions on! That’s the approach to our line this season – We are not changing who we are but how we communicate it.  We’re dropping in.”
I normally don’t quote press kits, but Sessions won me over with that verbage.  Sessions snowboard outerwear is fun to wear and collectively uses fun ways to make it different, from collaborations to concepts.  Really 1983 was a good year.
Sessions Works Jacket
Kiwi and Citron colors

Sessions Metallica M4 Jacket

Up Close look at the Custom Skullcandy Keypad that is on the Scoop Skullcandy Jacket.  

Sessions Nate Bozung Signature Series
Boz Jacket

One of the best designs I have seen on a jacket was the Sessions B4BC Jacket for 09-10, it’s just a beautiful design for a jacket and it’s great to see the originality of art put on jackets.

The back of the Sessions B4BC Jacket

The front of the Sessions B4BC Jacket

Sessions SOS Jacket
A percentage of the sales will be donated to the SOS charity.  

One thing that is harder to explain in photos, is explained in this catalog image.  The removable breakaway Tricot Pant liner.  If you get too hot when riding, you can remove it without removing your pants.

Sessions Istodis Jacket Scratch
Vivid Blue Scratch

Sessions Truth Jacket  Fatty
Turf Fatty Stripe and Tang Fatty Stripe

Sessions Ignition Jacket
The Sessions Ignition Jacket in Blue Fatty Stripe features a hidden mitten in each sleeve that you can pull out just in case.  Here’s a glimpse into what it looks like.

These pants have a drawstring that pulls up the pants so they don’t drag in the mud and snow when walking.  

Sessions Women’s Flirty Jacket

Sessions Women’s Muse Jacket VI and Sessions Women’s Spinner Jacket Aston

Sessions Women’s Fresh Jacket Scratch

This jacket features a mirror pass pocket, Greg is using it to check himself out

Get your session on in 2009-2010
Huge thanks for Sessions with bringing water to the thirsty SIA people each year…I know I appreciated it.

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  1. Anonymous
    March 10, 2009

    Yes! Overpriced outerwear made by exploited chineses!

  2. Shayboarder
    March 10, 2009

    Have you been to the factory? I gotta be honest but I bet if you look through your closet, you’d find the majority of stuff you wear is made in China. Whether they are exploited or not, who knows unless they’ve been to the factory.

  3. Anonymous
    March 10, 2009

    They make their gear in China for the only reason that they can save tons of money –} exploited people. Otherwise, they would make it in USA or any country with human rights.

    That said, there is so much things made in China that there's approximately one day per year at the factory accorded to Sessions. Even if Sessions wanted to have particular conditions for their workers, it would be impossible. This is explained on MEC website :<>folder_id=2534374302883568&CONTENT<>cnt_id=10134198674094691&bmLocale=en&bmUID=1236745108105 .

    I'm sorry, but it's obvious that their gear is made by exploited Chinese. "Have you been to the factory?" is not an argument. There is no questions about worker's conditions in China.

    I would say that more than half my gear/clothing is made in Canada-USA-Europe. For some items, like shoes/boots, it's almost impossible to buy non-china. Bur for others, like jackets for that matter, there is some really awesome company. They are just not super-cool with extra design that becomes old-fashioned after a month. For instance, all Westcomb outerwear is made in Canada and comes with lifetime warranty. Plus, due to the economic situation, I think it's important to support jobs in America.

    It's that kind of company I would like to see on that blog. But anyway, it's your blog… you do whatever you want!

    – Laurent

  4. Marc
    March 11, 2009

    For a long time, it was endemic that north american manufacturers exploited workers in china due to lower labor standards. Over time, this has led to the shut down of large swaths of the north american manufacturing sector. So right now chinese companies are exploiting north american markets to force companies to seek the lower cost solution and have their goods manufactured in china where the capabilities still exist. The reality is that China is an emerging global economy (in fact the US and Canada probably owe them a lot of money in government debt). To simply say poo on Sessions because they manufacture in china is an over simplification of the problem. The root of the problem is that north americans have been brought up to expect everything for nothing. Hopefully higher energy costs will force companies to start working locally.