Steamboat 3/8/09

08 Mar, 2009

After spending the morning with the SheRide camp, I met up with Dan and his friends, Jen and Marc.  As soon as they arrived Saturday night it started to snow again, this time delivering the goods overnight.  
I met up with them for lunch, enjoying some good Gondola Pub & Grill on the balcony in the sun with pitchers of beer.  We amused ourselves by creating snowfood…artistically done by Dan.  
Marc holding up the artwork by Dan

After lunch hit up the mountain for an afternoon session, I brought them to Pony since they hadn’t gone over to that area yet.  Normally I ride there a lot and this year I haven’t been as much but there’s still some fun areas to ride through.
The runs on Pony have some good drops but gotta watch out for the aspens at the bottom of them.  

Marc coming off a drop through the trees

Dan on a bad day is an amazing rider, here’s him riding down a snow covered boulder

Last run of the day, Dan rode down the hill on his back with Jen laughing at him

We ended the day at Slopeside enjoying the outdoor seating and music with pitchers of beer, then headed home to hot tub before they had to drive back to Denver.  

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  1. Anonymous
    March 10, 2009

    Shay, you’re awesome!
    My neck hurt yesterday that I almost couldn’t take it. Slept good last night and am feeling a little better.
    Guess I just need some good muscle relaxers…

  2. Shayboarder
    March 10, 2009

    Nah you’re awesome! You gotta come back up and hang out again! Or I gotta come to Denver, whichever. Bummer about the neck, I should have given you that other pill to take.