Technine Snowboards & Bindings 2009-2010

07 Mar, 2009

It’s the year of the nine…Technine.  With very noticeable and well known riders like MFM and Lucas Magoon leading the pack, this company has a freestyle image to uphold.  The snowboards and bindings coming out in 2009-2010 continue with the signature technine style and flow.
Techinine releases a single radius reverse camber, called the enforcer designed for park, street and jib riding.  Only 10cm of the middle point of the board is touching the ground, while the rest of the camber is above it.  
With their binding collection, technine focuses on comfortable bindings with fun designs.  Their cap straps continue on with both their men’s and women’s bindings.  In 09-10 they bring back the scrub hook to the Lucas Magoon binding.  
Lucas Magoon Pro Model Board and Bindings for 09-10
Lucas Magoon “Yucky Charms” (145.5, 149.5, 153, 155)

Technine Lucas Magoon Pro Model “Yucky Charms”

Closer Inspection of the ankle strap

Technine Women’s IX bindings

Left to Right
Technine Nines in black, white, gold
Technine True Love in white, black
Technine One Love in purple, black
Technine Jib in white, black

Left to Right
Technine Women’s IX (142, 146, 149, 152cm) in Gold and Black
Technine Women’s Nine’s (144, 148, 152, 155cm) in Black and White
Technine Women’s True Love (144, 148, 152, 155cm) in White and Black
Technine Women’s One Love (142, 146, 149, 152cm) in Purple and Black
Technine’s women’s Jib (141, 144, 147cm) in White and Black

Left to Right
Midget Mafia (141, 144, 147cm)
Technine Jib (150, 153, 156cm) in purple (2 of them) and White
Technine Rhyme (149, 153, 157cm)
Technine Reason (149, 153, 157cm)
Technine MFM Classic (149, 153, 157cm) in white/Black and Purple
Technine Mass Appeal (149, 153, 157, 160cm)

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  1. justin
    March 08, 2009

    Good lord that shit is hideous!

  2. Anonymous
    March 31, 2009

    yo any specks on the gooner pro model, jib, and mass appeal? like waist width and flex rating?

  3. Shayboarder
    March 31, 2009

    Here you go!

    Magoon Pro Model:

    Flex Scale: 2
    Waist Width: 145.5cm (246), 149.5cm (248.5), 153cm (250), 155cm (251.1)

    Flex Scale: 3
    Waist Width: 149cm (248.3), 152.5cm (250.6), 156.5cm (251.8)

    Mass Appeal:
    Flex Scale: 3
    Waist Width: 149cm (250.7), 153cm (254), 157cm (254.7), 160cm (255.6)

  4. Chris
    April 07, 2009

    so dope! into the gooner alot and jib rhyme and mass appeal. def gonna get a couple new decks and bindings this year…

  5. Daniel
    May 18, 2009

    is the mass appeal reverse camber this year?

  6. Shayboarder
    May 18, 2009

    Nope Mass Appeal is not, looks like just the enforcer is the reverse camber.

  7. GuyBro
    May 24, 2009

    yo got any prices on the enforcer and jib? and you know what the difference would be between em besides the rocker?

  8. Aaron
    May 24, 2009

    I know its not in these pics but would you happen to know if the 09 JIB is rocker? becuase ive been told it is.

  9. daniel
    August 17, 2009

    hwen will the goon bindings come out

  10. Tomcha
    March 18, 2011

    i’m from russia and i really want Nine’s White (144) !
    please tell how can i order it ?