The Journey to Whistler

20 Apr, 2009

I was up at 4:30am, at the Denver airport by 5:30am to catch my 7am flight.  I packed everything into my snowboard bag and found the happiest flight attendant to walk up to and when she weighed it, it was between 50lbs and 50.5lbs.  She let me go and I thanked her kindly.

The world through my eyes that early is blurry


Bright and early


Sunrise in Denver airport

The first flight was to Seattle and I got the good view of Mt. Rainer on the way in.  As I was waiting to board the flight, Louie Vito strolled up to catch the same flight.

Ended up hanging out in Seattle waiting for the next flight with Louie Vito, he found smoothies and I found starbucks…we were set for waiting it out.  I met Louie at SIA when I did the video with him on his O-matic board for 09-10.  Then I got to see him at Copper on Saturday and talk with him about Whistler, so today was no surprise to see him again.  


After Seattle, flew to Vancouver which was an amazing flight.  Got to fly over Anacortes, San Juan Islands and see the ocean again!  


Once in Vancouver that meant going through customs which was always interesting.  I had Louie a couple people in front of me, MFM chatting it up with a woman behind me, so standing in line was quite interesting.  
I made it through customs but when I told him I was staying with canadians and how did I know them, that didn’t bode over too well.  Had to scrounge up some internet/facebook talk that we communicate that way.  All the people I’m staying with are old members so it’s always interesting to explain how we know each other but we’ve known each other for years.  The crew this year in Telus is Joe, Kendra, Mike, Zee, Dave and Marc is on his way.
After getting in Vancouver, getting my snowboard bag I got to wait for the shuttle to take me to Whistler.  Luckily for me, the face next to me was very familiar so I started to talk to him and found out that his name was Scotty and he snowboards for a living in Park City.  Well since I’m more wise after SIA and making sure I get last names when I meet pros…I found out he was Scotty Arnold.   We ended up talking a bit, it was his first time to Whistler so I gave him some tips and enjoyed the ride with him on the way up to Whistler.
I made it into Whistler, took it easy at the condo and had dinner with friends that I haven’t seen in a year and look forward to the rest of the week’s events.  I’m looking forward to hitting the mountain tomorrow and enjoying the Grenade Games!
Here’s the schedule for this week:
Monday, April 20 — Registration and Welcome Party Get warmed up for a week of madness.
Tuesday, April 21 — Poker Run
Contestants collect cards from five poker tables scattered all over Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. Once they make it back to the village, they play their hand. Winners advance to the final round in front of the crowds, with cash, prizes and bragging rights on the line.
Wednesday, April 22 — Dual Slalom Moguls
Grenade is bringing back that race spirit with a dual slalom, and adding many surprises like moguls with air time and snowballs.
Thursday and Friday, April 23-24 — Superpipe This will be the best jam-style pipe event of the year.
Friday, April 24–Mini Ramp Contest Dust off your skate skills for the panel of world-class pros.
Saturday April 25 – The Grand Finale
With a rider-designed course, this Monster Air is sure to captivate the audience so be prepared for good music and a party that will go at least until the sun comes up.
Sunday April 26 – Lazy Sunday Brunch Sunday is brunch and recovery day. Get your Caesar on.

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