Rocking the Grenade Isshoes

26 May, 2009

Last month I noticed my Vans shoes were getting pretty haggard from the winter so I decided it was time to get some new summer kicks for my feet.  I decided to try something new and give perspective on new footwear made by a snowboard company.  
There were a lot of comments and controversy about them entering in the shoes market so it made sense for me to try them and get first hand experience with them.  So last week after I got paid, I paid the $29.95 to buy the new Grenade Isshoes and check them out.
I actually like how they look, for the price it’s affordable and still supporting a snowboard company.  I bought them directly from Grenade through their  online store since no stores around me carry them.  I went with my standard shoes size which is size 8.
Inside the Grenade Shoes


No missing that these are Grenade shoes


I got them last week in the mail, tried them on, the fit was good so now it’s my summer shoe and I only paid $30 for them…stoked!  

I’ll put an update on them after I get more time walking around in them, right now I’ve only made a couple trips out of the house since surgery so it’ll take some time.

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  1. Jimster716
    May 26, 2009

    Nice, digging those. Price is sweet too!

  2. Shayboarder
    May 28, 2009

    Yeah I’m stoked for them, been wearing them the last couple days and happy with them. I wore them to work today and everyone noticed them…I guess my other shoes looked shitty and these look good. Price is good, 29.95 with free shipping.