Snowboard Review: 09-10 Atomic Pivot

01 Jun, 2009

Location: Whistler, BC

Snow Conditions: Bluebird with hardpacked ice in the morning and slush in the afternoon. Pivot was the 2nd board of the day, so it hit some ice and some softer snow.

Setup: I rode the Atomic Pivot with Union Trilogy’s and my Rome Vamps size 8.

First Impression: I was on the flat terrain with this board and was doing tail spins while holding a press. It was a lot of fun.

Size: 156cm

Weight: average

Flex: The pivot has a good consistent medium flex from tip to tail, even thought it’s considered a freestyle board, the flex allows it to venture out of the park and still be rideable down the mountain. There’s a good amount of torsional flex making it quick responsive from edge to edge, but with the torsional flex you lose some stability on the longer drawn out turns. With the Pop Rocker FS, it gives it a more freestyle take so it’s still capable of pressing and buttering because of the softer flex on the board.

Turning: Great responsive turns from this board, it was very quick on edge and initiated turns quickly and lets you really carve on edge and power out of each turn. Short radius turns felt the best when riding the Pivot and really you could power through them down the mountain. You really feel the full arc of a turn.

Stable: It was stable at speeds, very comfortable to ride and absorbed bumpy terrain really good but holding an edge on ice wasn’t as stable. I also take into consideration the 2.5 degree park bevel playing a huge role in that.

Pop: The name Pop Rocker sticks to this board, good pop and didn’t need to adjust to how it needed to be ollie’d or landed on. I took it off a fun roller and the sides of the runs, no problem with popping ollies and getting good snap out of the tail of the board.

Switch: The pivot is a true twin with a twin progressive sidecut with the same ride whether it’s regular or switch riding.

Overall Impression: I made sure to include an image down below of the Pop Rocker FS description for the Pivot because it has a different take, it does have camber and it’s flat. The nice thing is there isn’t much adjustment to this board and I didn’t have an issue when getting the first couple turns in, still had the benefits of camber and the flat under the bindings made it pressable for me with the tail and nose.

Shay’s Honesty Box: The first time I rode an atomic with the pop rocker FS, the board was too stiff but now with the Pivot it’s the forgiving softer freestyle flex that lets the board be a lot of fun and still carve good on the mountain. I didn’t need to adjust to it (unlike the stiffer version of it) and I was really happy with how it rode. I was surprised at how well it got on edge for me, you can see in the first photo the ww is more than I need.

*This Review was done in April 2009, please be aware that products may change.

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On-snow Photos
Atomic Pivot Description

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  1. Anonymous
    June 02, 2009

    In the past, the Pivot has been more of a price point board, will that still apply to the pop-rocker?

  2. June 16, 2009

    The Pivot retails for $329 and definitely one of the park boards up against the other under $400 park boards. I think the pop rocker makes it more valuable than in previous years.

  3. June 22, 2009

    Nice! Thanks to author this post

  4. Qubek
    July 29, 2009

    Is pivot stable and responsive enough to take some high speed lines, trees and steeper terrain? did you rode it in powder? i’m thinking about getting one this season as an almountain FS board. Do you think it will be ok outside of the park?

  5. July 29, 2009

    Qubek, I didn’t get to ride the pivot in powder but I expect the pop rocker will help with floating through powder. It did fine riding outside of the park at Whistler which isn’t an easy mountain. If you plan to ride a majority of park then yeah be fine, but if you ride a majority of outside the park I’d say maybe go for the Atomic Danger with the pop rocker FR.

  6. July 30, 2009

    Hard to choose, cause i generaly spenf first part of season on resort, park riding, and from end of february i start backcountry and freeride trips:) Danger seems to be very interesting but rather as a tough freeride board (flex 9!). I think I’ll rather get Pivot cause i want to try rocker (but not such extreme as Signal Park Rocker) but I’ll stay with my cambered boards for more hardcore big mountain riding.

  7. July 30, 2009

    Qubek, yeah if you have a cambered board for big mountain riding the pivot would be good for your freestyle fun riding without being as extreme as the park rocker. Danger definitely seems interesting, I wanna try it later this year and seems most like a atomic proto I rode a while back which was super stiff, pivot was a lot more fun and playful on the mountain.

  8. Matty A
    August 02, 2009

    Hi Shay. I was just wondering which Atomic board with the pop rocker you rode initially that was too stiff. Was it the Axum as I was looking at either this or the axum. Thanks.

  9. August 03, 2009

    Hey Matty,

    The atomic board I rode was the pivot prototype but a whole lot stiffer. Rode completely different than this one I rode at Whistler. I’m glad they listened to the flex being too stiff feedback, haha.

    I haven’t rode the axum yet unfortunately so can’t compare them for you.

  10. Blake
    September 13, 2009

    Hey I have the pivot from two seasons ago and I really like it. I was just wondering how the more blunt nose and tail felt, and also how well it handles bigger kickers.

  11. john
    September 28, 2009

    thanks for the review bro, very helpful when you cant demo boards.. do you think it would hold its own on rails and boxes?

  12. October 01, 2009

    Blake, it doesn’t change much in my opinion, just less nose/tail weight which made it easier to spin around. I didn’t take it on bigger kickers so that’s one question I can’t answer for you.

    John, definitely the lifted contact points and flex of the board made it a solid choice for park.

  13. danny
    December 05, 2009

    Hi! Shay
    I am interesting of pivot 2010
    I really want to get it for this year.
    Can I ask you where you buy it?
    I am living in Vancouver