Woodward at Copper with Dragon Optics

24 Jun, 2009

When I received the invitation to join Dragon Optics at Woodward at Copper during their camp session, I knew I couldn’t turn down such a fun opportunity to check out the camp and the team.   A huge thanks to Alex Pashley for inviting me and letting me have a great first time at Woodward.  


This morning bright and early I made the trek to Copper, met up with Dragon Optics to spend the morning on-snow at the park and the afternoon indoors at the Barn.  Along for the ride was Alex Pashley, Madison Ellsworth, Josh Sherman, Chad Otterstrom, Erich Dummer and Aaron Dodds.  We later met up with Pat Moore who surprised everyone by being there.  Everyone was super rad and chill to be around, it was fun just taking it in.

I made a video for the day with some outdoor footage and a whole lot of indoor footage so you can see exactly what Woodward looks like and what there is to offer.  The indoor jump footage is fun to check out and if you stay till the end of the video you’ll get the unedited fun of Braveheart.

Woodward at Copper with Dragon Optics from Shayboarder on Vimeo.

The morning started off with meeting up with the guys, bringing up my gear (I made a couple turns about 1 week early of the 6-week request from the doctor) and traveling up to where the snow and terrain park is for Woodward.  I was surprised by how much snow there was, enough for two jump setups (one landing on snow, the other on a airbag) and 4 rails.  

When we arrived the campers were already in full mode on the rails with their coaches.  

Campers hitting the box rail

Campers getting prizes after a rail contest

I’ve never met Pat Moore but anyone who has watched That’s It, That’s All knows of him.  He’s that guy who drove the snowmobile over the lake, yeah that’s him and he’s a fine snowboarder.  

Pat Moore showed up to come shred Woodward.

Pat Moore on the box

Aaron Dodds, Snowboarder Magazine’s Senior Photographer was also on hand to photograph the Dragon riders.  He doesn’t pack light.

I told Dodds to tell me to move out of the way if I got in any shots since it’s his job to photograph them and I’m just photographing the experience of it.  Luckily for me, I still got some shots to take home of each of the riders on the jump line.  

Erich Dummer’s method

Josh Sherman and Madison Ellsworth

Madison Ellsworth

Erich Dummer

Dodds and Alex checking out the latest prototype from Dragon.  It’s pretty rad!

The most important people on the mountain.  Ski Patrol to keep you safe and the photog to make you show off

During lunch time we stopped by Gravitee Snowboard Shop in the base of Copper to check it out and so Alex could visit the owner.  

The best part about the Woodward at Copper is the barn, the indoor training facility to help progress all levels of riders.  Throughout the morning, they kept telling me that the best part was the indoor sessioning because you could literally do anything and it was also where you got the most tired and wrecked.  

As soon as you walk inside, your senses take in the smell of fresh cut wood and you see a sick layout with snowboard decorations.

Skate Bowl

With few people in the Barn at the time, I was able to get the full tour with Alex.  We walked up to the very top of the big ramp drop in and look over the entire setup.  I’ve seen pictures of the Barn and it’s larger in life in person than it is on camera.  You really step into awe when you go inside.

I’m totally stoked to be there.  

One day I’ll hit that, but first I need to come back for the introduction class.

During our tour of the Barn, Alex brought some goggles from Dragon as prizes and hit them in the foam.  4 sets of goggles buried at the very bottom and the kids had to find them to win them.  It wasn’t easy and I caught it on the camera in the video I made for today.

Rider on the big jump ramp

Alex Pashley and myself at Woodward at Copper

Throughout today I twittered pictures and brief writeups.  I was really stoked to be there and a huge thanks goes out to Alex for inviting me along and allowing my readers to see a glimpse of Dragon and Woodward.  Also thanks to my boss for letting me take the day off of work to do something so cool.

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  1. June 25, 2009

    awesome! thanks for this. I’ve really been wanting to get a good look at what its like there.

  2. June 26, 2009

    thanks shay! Can’t wait to hit that shit up in a couple weeks….