New Balance x 686 Outerwear 2009-2010

06 Jul, 2009

Each year, 686 collaborates with a new company for a limited edition series to offer a Times Line with another premium brand.  For 09-10 the collaboration partnered with New Balance to create the New Balance x 686 Snowboarding Collection featuring shoes, snowboard boots, outerwear and accessories.


These limited edition jackets will be shipping in late August and feature many of the technical features that 686 is known for in their outerwear.  

New Balance x 686 Times Insulated Jacket

New Balance x 686 Times 3-ply jacket

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  1. A. Nony Mouse
    July 06, 2009

    I’m having a hard time getting a stoke-on with this line.

  2. cdr
    July 07, 2009

    i’ll sport some new balance/686 …. cant wait to see what the boots and shoes look like ..

  3. July 07, 2009

    Like the designs/colors, don’t like NB logo being plastered on the outerwear tho. First impressions aren’t “snowboarding” when I see NB. What the hell? NB Boots? Maybe. NB Jackets/pants? Please don’t

  4. July 07, 2009

    The boots and shoes are coming 🙂

    I like the plaid jacket, the NB doesn’t bother me at all cause I know it’s a 686 collab and I look at the designs over what it says on it.

  5. keothakid!
    July 07, 2009

    Hey Shay. I’ve seen the boots and the shoes but have you had a chance to try them on? Also any info about the pants yet? And for all the haters, New Balance is the only shoe company I can think of that still makes their shoes in the US. Check your favorite “core” company’s gear and see where it’s made. Also Burton, Forum and others have been biting Nike’s shoe designs for years to incorporate into their boots. Wear what you like and let other people wear what they want. Unless it’s that ed hardy garbage. Whomever came up with that idea should be sucker punched…

  6. July 07, 2009

    Not yet, I’m guessing they fit very similiar to NB already and personally I think NB shoes rock, haha I have some! My catalog didn’t have any pants in them, so not sure about them right now.

  7. Tracey
    July 11, 2009

    Damn, I like the black plaid one. Pretty sick! Lovin the blog Shay, keeps me entertained in these shred-less summer months….

  8. July 27, 2009

    Thanks Tracey! Yeah I like the black plaid one as well, good design.

    Here’s the link to the New Balance snowboard boots I just posted up on the blog.