Loveland 10/31/09

31 Oct, 2009

It was a perfect day to spend Halloween and even though I was tired from traveling, I got talked into going riding and spending the day outside at Loveland Ski Area.  I didn’t regret the decision later and definitely a great way to welcome myself back to Colorado, enjoying the snow that fell over the last couple days.

We packed up one car for the four of us to drive down from Steamboat together and along for the journey was Philip, Doug, Amy and myself.

Upon arriving at the mountain we met up with Joey and Gags who got up a lot earlier than us to enjoy the snow.  It was a busier day on the mountain, definitely the busiest I’ve seen it at Loveland since the season started and plenty of people dressed up in costumes.  Two chairs were open so it wasn’t hard to move around and enjoy each one without too many lines.

Joey and Philip at the top of Chair 6

Joey riding down the run

For me it was great to be back on snow after traveling and I got to ride in the new 686 Snaggletooth II jacket thanks to Kristin!  The Snaggle tooth series is my favorite and I really wanted this years jacket so it’s great to have it to ride in again especially since blue is my favorite color.

The park got moved to a location out of the way of the run and now with six features of variety.  I enjoyed the dance box and kept to that most of today.

Philip on the rainbow box

Joey on the Flat box

Sonny on the rainbow box

Me tail pressing the dance box

Philip on the Flat Box

There were also times where the dance box was like a dance floor and you had to wait for your turn.

We of course remained hydrated throughout the day with a much needed stop to the bar to catch up with friends and take a break.  For a couple of the riders it was their first day on the slopes.

Some of the crew today:  Me, Gags, Philip and Joey

The Halloween costumes were out here’s Santa Claus and the shocker!

Now it’s time to go out and enjoy Halloween decked out in my costume and we’ll see how tomorrow goes!

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  1. gags
    November 01, 2009

    good fun…..great to get a few runs w/the Steamboat crew!

  2. November 01, 2009

    Good to see you out there Shay- I said Hi and thanks for the tix, like I said they worked like a charm! I launched into orbit off that Rainbow box , and the snow was pretty good for my first day of the season. I saw you do a mini tail block- it was sick!