Ask Hannah Teter a question and WIN!

12 Jan, 2010

At age 23, Hannah Teter has quite the track record for snowboarding and humanity.  She’s already won a Gold Medal in the 2006 Olympics and her ventures have taken her into the public eye with appearances on late night television, her own Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor and she continues her charity work to make the world a better place outside of snowboarding.  To celebrate her accomplishments and find out more about her goals for the upcoming Olympics, I’ll be interviewing her for

But I want your help with coming up with the last question for Hannah so leave a comment with whatever you would like to find out from Hannah Teter and if she picks your question to answer, you win an AMP energy drink snowboard.

The contest ends on Thursday, January 14th so you have 2 days to come up with a question for Hannah.  Make sure when you leave your comment with the question that your email address is correct so I can get in touch with you if you are the winner.  Hannah will be selecting the winner and I’ll be announcing it on the blog.

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  1. Ben Spencer
    January 12, 2010

    Hannah I just wanted to ask if being in the spotlight as one of the top snowboarders in the world has taken away from the pure fun of snowboarding to you or do you still find time to have fun with your brothers and friends? Good luck in vancouver!!! Gold in 2010!

  2. Bob
    January 12, 2010

    It’s always great to see younger people who have made “giving back” a significant part of their lives. It seems that’s generally not a trait that people pick up until later in life. What is it that drives you or influenced you to get involved in charity work at an early age?

  3. Barry Parker
    January 12, 2010

    Hello Hannah,

    How you doing? quick question…..have you ever been to Scotland? if not, now is the time, best snow fall in the last ten years, maybe not got the amazing US resorts, but its got a special vibe you wont find anywhere else. want to come over for a quick break before the Olympics? hit me up!

  4. MH
    January 12, 2010

    Do you think you had any advantages learning to ride on the Ice Coast?

    When did you realize that snowboarding would be a career instead of a hobby?

    How does it feel to be immortalized a la Ben & Jerry’s?

    Which is a bigger accomplishment, having your own B&J flavor or winning Olympic gold?

    When did charitable causes become important to you, and was it difficult to decide what causes are priorities for you?

  5. V to the T
    January 12, 2010

    Holla from VT!! I’m downing some sweet Green Mountain coffee, pancakes and maple syrup. Hannah are you still ripping for Gravis? I don’t see you in their website anymore.

  6. Phatman
    January 12, 2010

    Hannah, how does it affect you when you see someone like KP, thats at the top of the sport and a fellow Vermonter that you probably know pretty well, takes the kind of fall that he did? Do you let yourself acknowledge it? Do you try to push it from your thoughts?

  7. Mark
    January 12, 2010

    Is maple syrup the original energy drink?

  8. Marc
    January 12, 2010

    Hi, how do you step up from a regular snowboarder to the professional scene? Were you recruited/scouted or did you approach trainers and people already in the scene? Was the transition difficult or seamless and what’s your life like now that the barrier’s been breached?

  9. jmr
    January 12, 2010

    Do men with palindromic last names earn “bonus points” in your book as potential boyfriends?

  10. January 12, 2010


    The guys have the double cork this Olympics. What do you think will be the move to win for the ladies this time around. Also, how do you think style should fit in to the way comps are judged? Spinning and flipping can be done by a lot of people, but style is the hardest part.

    Thanks and good luck! And no matter what, keep having fun out there.

  11. pat
    January 12, 2010

    Hannah, what is the most fun part about snowboarding to you?

  12. Jill
    January 12, 2010

    When was the moment that you realized snowboarding was your passion?

  13. Richard
    January 12, 2010

    Paper..or plastic?

  14. Will
    January 12, 2010


    Where do you hang out in SLT?

  15. zhangger
    January 12, 2010

    What is your favourite trick? And why do you think so? Every snowboard has their own signiture trick, what do you consider is your signiture trick?

  16. Cathy
    January 12, 2010

    Hi Hannah,

    Good luck with your career and the Olympics in Vancouver!
    What advice do you have for someone who has never snow skiied, and started riding 5 years ago at age 48? I am progressing in my ability, but am really scared of going fast. And by fast, I mean slow compared to most of the teenagers that fly past me down the mountain.

  17. Carrie
    January 13, 2010

    When playing RoShamBo, do you have a special trategy to win?

    You are known for your Halfpipe wins… but after riding Alaska, did that change the way you ride or what you see yourself doing in snowboarding in the future?

  18. Maggie
    January 13, 2010

    What is your normal morning routine to get pumped up for a day of riding?

  19. tsnow
    January 13, 2010

    with all the pressure for doing well in contests, sponsors, and furious travel schedules, is it still possible to keep snowboarding as fun as it was without all the added drama?

  20. Erin
    January 13, 2010

    Hannah, to what degree does visualization play a part in your snowboarding? are you a learn-by-doing type or do you have to mentally drive yourself to the right place before trying something new?

  21. Bill B
    January 13, 2010

    Do you ever get bummed on the way mainstream media portray you?

  22. Brianne
    January 13, 2010

    What has been the one most meaningful accomplishment in your life?

  23. Alex
    January 13, 2010

    Hannah, do you ever feel like snowboarding makes your life more stressful? Does it ever feel like a job? Do you think that your life would be easier without snowboarding in it.

  24. January 13, 2010

    What or who inspires you to snowboard? I mean to enjoy snowboarding as a way of life, as something you really like, maybe the most in you life, even better than Maple Blondie icecream? 🙂

  25. Dani
    January 13, 2010

    hey hannah,
    just wanted to say i got tix for the halfpipe at vancouver and am really looking forward to watching you and all the other ladies!

    my question is:
    Do you feel a certain ammount of pressure on yourself leading up to the games?… if yes how do you deal with pressure when your about to drop in?

    thanks and good luck at the games!!!

  26. January 13, 2010

    In many interviews you have stated that you donate your competition earnings to your charity in Africa. With children being an important part of our future, what are you hoping to accomplish in the next few years on the competition forefront?

  27. Jeff
    January 14, 2010

    Everyone knows you come from a great snowboarding family. So I was curious which of your brothers had the biggest impact on your snowboarding career, and how?


  28. Dave
    January 14, 2010

    Hi Hannah, My question is this: If you could be a tree, what kind would you be? Seriously. No really.

  29. Arryn
    January 14, 2010

    What do you know for sure?
    See you at Cypress!

  30. January 14, 2010

    Hey Hannah—what do you listen to when you’re getting pumped up to ride??


  31. kristin
    January 14, 2010

    Cats or Dogs? Have any pets??

  32. January 14, 2010

    Hey Hannah. What are you wearing?

    Wait, no. What AREN’T you wearing? 😉

  33. January 14, 2010

    Sorry, my previous comment was douchey. Serious question now!

    If you weren’t a snoeboarding goddess, what would you be?

  34. Tina
    January 14, 2010

    Hi Hannah!

    I’m also 23 and went to college in Burlington, VT (one of BEST places ever!). I’m on the West coast now but hoping to return East sometime in the near future 🙂

    My question is, “I know you’ve mentioned before that peace, (in general), is something that’s really important to you. As a role model to so many and someone who clearly cares about other people, what would you say to people who want to make a difference and get involved in service but aren’t sure what to do or where to start?”

    Good luck at the games,

  35. SJF
    January 14, 2010

    Do you think if you added a little Maple Syrup to your top sheet you’d be able hold your grabs longer?????

  36. Shelby M
    January 14, 2010


    if you could do one thing in the world that would alter the world more than anything – but you’d have to face the opposite of whatever you gave/did to the world for the rest of your life, what would it be?

  37. Shelby M
    January 14, 2010


    if you were a fruit, what kind of fruit would you be?

  38. denvermod
    January 14, 2010

    As an ambassador of extreme/action sports living in a time when many of these sports have been universally accepted as a part of the mainstream, do you consider that as a positive or negative and why?

  39. January 14, 2010

    Hi Hannah.
    Looking back on your earlier snowboarding years, was there anybody in particular who gave you words of advice that helped you even to this day? And, of course, could you pass them on to us!?!

  40. January 14, 2010

    Hi, Hanna. I have a 13 yearold grandson who loves snow sports. Do you think I should encourage himTo snowboard instead of playing sedentary video games?
    Granny Nora

  41. January 14, 2010


    My kids would like to get into snowboarding. What would you suggest to get them started in a positive way? Is there particular gear they should have? Should they just go out and do it, or should they get some lessons?


  42. January 15, 2010

    Wow we got some great responses and questions for Hannah! The contest has come to an end, so no more questions are allowed. I’ll be sending these off to Hannah and as soon as she picks a winner, we’ll be announcing it on the blog!

    Thanks everyone for partipating!

  43. Riley
    January 15, 2010

    Hey… What charitable causes are you behind and why?

  44. kim nilmon
    February 21, 2010

    What is your favorite drink?

  45. February 21, 2010

    Kim, the contest has ended. I announced the winners in the comment above yours.

  46. amber
    March 03, 2010

    in the olympic game did you meet your acpectation

  47. amber
    March 03, 2010

    and plz i need to know for my project