Review: Analog Perimeter Pant

15 Jan, 2010

Intended Purpose: The Analog Perimeter snowboard pants are meant to keep you dry on the slopes with 1oK waterproofing (best in Colorado) and fully taped seams.  The Perimeter pants have a baggy fit, pockets for everything and ventilation to help keep you riding on the slopes without needing to come inside.

Fit: The Analog Perimeter pants are baggy which makes them ideal for me since that’s what I prefer.  I rock the men’s pants which keeps them baggy on me and fits my hips just how I like them.  The length of the pants is always an issue when wearing men’s pants and that just means you can only see the toe of my boots from underneath my pants.

Appearance: The reason I picked up the perimeter pants is the color first and it matched the specs I needed second.  The color was everything, I liked the bright red and thought it’d match most of my jackets good enough that I could get out from the black snowboard pant box.   The cargo pockets have a slim profile so when nothing is in them, you barely notice them.  The AG sayings are all over the pant and at first that bugged me but now I’m used to it.

Features: The analog perimeter pants came with a variety of features, 10K waterproofing and fully taped seams to keep you dry on the mountain.  Once dirt got into the pants, I washed them and the waterproofing was fine again.  The vents are mesh lined and run down the inside of the leg, I like that they are mesh lined and keeps it to air only access through there.  The pockets are fleece lined and I generally put my cell phone/car keys in the front pockets and there are cargo pockets on the side that are closed by velcro.  There’s also a leg lift system which I have never used since I tend to walk and test out pants how they should be worn.  On the bottom are stretch gaitors with a hook so your pants don’t come up and they do a fine job of staying on my boa boots.

Durability: I don’t expect snowboard pants to last a whole season without taking a beating and the Analog Perimeter pants definitely didn’t last a whole season.  The front left pocket seam completely came apart and made it so that putting keys in my pocket meant them falling out or falling to the bottom of the pants.  The cargo pockets which I love, because it’s only velcro on the sides and while the design makes it easy to grab my camera but also snow can get in it because it doesn’t close entirely when snowboarding.  Overall durability on the pant is good, with the exception of the pockets which is my issue with them.  The boot gaitors are in great shape and the pant material is in fine shape for riding in.  Once I washed the pants, the waterproofing came back strong and I didn’t need to nikwax yet just use detergent to get the dirt out.

Thoughts: These pants have been my main riding pants for the season so far and I really like the color which makes them fun to ride in.  The quality has been so-so in regards to the pants pockets and how quickly that seam blew out causing my left top pocket to be non-existent to use now.

On warmer days I can just rock the pant with no layering underneath and on the colder days I’ve worn thin layering and warmer layering (like Smarty layering) underneath these pants with no problems.  Because of the baggy fit, I could put a ton of stuff in the pants without feeling like there’s too much or not enough room.

I got these pants last summer during the snow clearance sales around town and for the price they were great but I’d definitely expect them to last longer than 40 days with pockets intact.

On-snow photos

Wear and Tear Photos

Analog Perimeter Description

photo from Eastern Boarder


Review Disclosure: I bought these pants from The Click Worldwide

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  1. Deciblast
    January 15, 2010

    I tried out the AG bright blue 20k/20k from last season pants and they were super stiff and back they went. Tried some Special Blend (same company) and after 2 weeks the pocket was starting to rip and there was a hole on the behind. Sent it back to Dogfunk and now I’m rocking full Volcom Goretex 3L outerwear and I haven’t had a single problem. And they zip together!

  2. Steff
    January 15, 2010

    awesome review Shay! I’ve been eyeing this years perimeter pants and jacket, and this review helps a lot. Thanks!

  3. mandingo
    January 19, 2010

    Shay, we are suppose to be cool I have been asking about those pants in Redfor how long now? Where did u get yours and do they have them in an XL? you know how to reach me.

  4. January 19, 2010

    I bought mine from the Click in Steamboat, my local store and I got the last pair. There should be some still online, Eastern Boarder might have them.

  5. Ken
    January 31, 2010

    Is the fit/baggyness similar to foursquare and special blend?

  6. bryan
    February 12, 2010

    You can’t find these pants anymore online if you want the black or red.