Review: Bonfire Particle Pants

22 Oct, 2010

Intended Purpose: The Bonfire particle snowboard pants are designed to be waterproof, breathable and ready to roll in the snow.

Fit: The particle pants have a classic fit which means not too tight, not too baggy. I really liked how they fit me, just on the baggy side but not ultra baggy and good comfort all around.

Appearance: I bought the particple pants for the color. I had watched my Analog pants in the exact same color die a quick death and wanted to replace with a better quality pant of the same color. Bonfire had exactly what I wanted with the particle pant.  The cargo pockets on the side are perfect for easy access to my camera and enough pocket space on the pants for stashing keys, cell and stickers.

Features: The particle pants feature 7,000mm waterproofing and 5,000 gm breathability. For Colorado dry conditions the mm/gm ratings were perfect. It was a little less than I would have liked but they held up on the few rainy days that I encountered with them. They are critically taped and come in a classic fit in a variety of colors. There isn’t much for features but the basic just need this snowboard pant which is what I liked. Zippers down the inside of the legs help control the temperature especially during summer months when you want a breeze.

Durability: For some reason I’m really hard on pants, they definitely get the wear/tear test when it comes to my riding. The particle pants held up most of the season after I bought them but I ended up having one of the seams split and that required warranty to replace it. Luckily it was an easy process since I could take it back to Powertools and they took care of me.

Warranty: This is the first time I get to cover the warranty in a review. But first off props to both Powdertools in Steamboat and Bonfire for taking care of my pants on warranty. The seam split and I could have finished the season riding with the busted seam but I really liked the pants and since I bought them from the shop it was easy to take them back since they were covered under warranty and get new pants. It took a couple weeks for the process so I used my backup pants but I got a brand new pair of particle pants from warranty.

Thoughts: These pants were my main riding pants from January onto July. I spent a good amount of time in them before and after the warranty. The best part for me was the color, it was fun having bright pants and I really liked stepping out of the black snowboard pant box for a while. They offered warmth in the inner material of the pant and the outer material was great at staying dry on the slopes. I washed them a couple times so they stayed clean and that always helped them keep the waterproofing (less dirt on it, works better).

Overall I was really happy with the pants. They held up better than the Analog Perimeter pant they replaced and were the same color/design that I liked. Tad different fit but the bonfire’s were less baggy and the material including pant seams/zippers lasted longer.

Unfortunately these pants did die at Mt Hood, the tow rope caught onto my pass string and ended up completely ripping the pants…so I retired them.

Ready to buy? head over to evo for the Bonfire Particle Pants or shop their full line of women’s Bonfire snowboard pants

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Bonfire Particle Pant Description


Review Disclosure: I bought these pants from Powdertools in Steamboat Springs, CO

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  1. MH
    October 22, 2010

    I told you Bonfire was where it’s at!!! 🙂 my fav brand right tharrr!

  2. lisevolution
    October 22, 2010

    I’ve had these pants for like 4 or 5 seasons now and they’re still going strong. I bought them at the time to replace a pair of special blends that I totalled on the mountain midday and they had these in the shop at the base if the mt. Never expected them to last as long as they have. I am super rough on my gear but Bonfire is my go to now for solid build quality at a good price. I still rock these as my back up pair but I replaced them with another pair of bonfires… Just the zodiiac model.

  3. Andrey
    October 24, 2010

    I’ve been rocking these pants for 3 seasons now, the same color as yours, and I love them for the fit, looks and performance! Really good quality from Bonfire, great value for money. The same I can say about any Bonfire gear I’ve used for 6 years snowboarding.

  4. Ty
    October 25, 2010

    Hey Shay! If you are looking for something a bit more sturdy try the 686 smarty cargo. I wear them here on the ice coast and if they can stand up to a few winters here, they should last forever everywhere else. Keep up the good work!

  5. October 25, 2010

    MH, haha I know!

    Lis and Andrew, awesome to hear your stories with Bonfire pants as well!

    Ty, I’ve got the smarty review coming up. I wore those pants some of the winter and the end of the summer.